Why you should not listen to advice


Every fate is unique

The life path of each person consists of certain factors: family, environment, culture, even language - everything has its influence. It is impossible to meet two people with an identical set of all these characteristics. Therefore, both optimistic and pessimistic approaches to life are absolutely true. Some people try to �burn� their lives, looking for something new in every day and getting involved in all sorts of adventurous activities in search of vivid emotions and memories, while others diligently analyze their every step to minimize the risk of mistakes and live their lives calmly and comfortably. As you can see, both desires are quite logical, but only one lifestyle is more applicable for people of optimistic character, and the other for pessimists.

Luck is everything.

Yes, sometimes life is unfair, and we have to be content with what is and not to look for prospects for fundamental changes. Often, who you were born, who your parents are, where you studied and other things beyond our control determine our fate.No one knows why some people are lucky in life, while others, despite all their efforts, can never achieve what they crave the most.

Lucky pretend "the most intelligent"

Have you noticed what demand biographies guide millionaires or just successful people? But it often happens that their fate was determined not by their outstanding abilities, but by chance meeting or one single lucrative deal. For some reason, people who have been lucky in life believe that they know and understand everything better than others, although in reality there is little truth in this conviction.

Think freely

It would be more correct to form your own principles / values / rules - call it what you want, the essence will not change. Of course, we draw inspiration and some unexpected truths from books, movies, and other people's stories, and we cannot get away from this. But you still need to understand that blind imitation of someone will not allow you to live your life properly. So even adopting the experience and views of others, try to preserve your own individuality.