Why is the VC not loading?

If you can not access your page on the social network VKontakte, then you need to figure out why VK does not load. There may be many reasons: some may be associated with the work of the site itself, while others may be due to other factors.

Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Causes of "freezing" VK

If you want to understand why your page is not loading, you need to pay attention to the reasons given below.

Technical works on the site

It is worth noting that this reason is the simplest, although the user will not be able to eliminate it. In this case, you must wait until the end of the work and enter the site.


Also, a large influx of visitors can slow down the work site. This is usually observed in the evening or at lunchtime, so you should wait until the traffic decreases slightly.

Disk C

A full local C drive may also cause the VC site to become inaccessible. In this case, you need to open a few more sites to find out if this is the reason. If yes, then you need to free the disk by deleting unnecessary files.

Login-password pair

If you enter the wrong data, the page can be loaded for a long time and as a result will not be able to open your account. You need to check the correctness of the entered data.

Page lock

Also, your page can be blocked for violations of the rights to use the service (distribution of viruses, spam or information of indecent nature). In this case, you will see a warning about blocking the page, you need to contact the site administration to unlock the page.

Internet browser issues

It is not necessary to exclude the simple hang of the Internet browser, which can lead to the inoperability of the site. You need to try to open another site in this browser, if it does not, then launch the site in another browser.


If your page is infected with a virus, then you will not be able to open it. Viruses infect pages in order to obtain confidential data (logins, passwords), withdraw funds. It should be remembered that the antivirus program can protect your computer in this case. If the virus still got on the PC, then you can find it in the “hosts” folder. To remove unnecessary files, do the following:

  1. Go to the hosts folder (C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts). It is necessary to open it with a notebook.
  2. Delete all lines with site names like vkontakte.ru, mail.ru, etc.

Internet connection

Also one of the problems may be the lack or weak signal of the Internet connection. You should check it, and if necessary, contact the Internet provider to solve the problem.