Why don't the turtle eat?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
January 29, 2013
Why don't the turtle eat?

Many owners of exotic animals are concerned with the question, why the red-eared turtle does not eat? The turtle is a cold-blooded animal that is able to slow down the metabolism by half depending on the environment and the state of the organism as a whole. Adults can easily live without food for about 90 days, while losing 40% of their weight and using the fat reserves of their body. However, prolonged starvation of the animal will lead to severe exhaustion and serious consequences in the body.

The reasons why the turtle does not eat anything

Most often, the tortoise refuses to eat when changing the conditions of its content or the presence of some unusual disease. In the absence of clinical signs, the turtle’s wasting disease can be caused by sepsis or kidney failure, as well as other various serious diseases.

When making a diagnosis, the vet should consider the season. After all, turtles from October to January react to a shorter daylight hours and begin to eat less.At elevated temperatures in the terrarium, with an increase in the duration of daylight, that is, from January-February, turtles again take food.

Refusal to feed in the springtime is characteristic of overwintered turtles, especially for those who have long been at a cool temperature and without moisture, for example, in an apartment on the floor. Healthy turtles, with proper observance of wintering conditions, eat food within a few days after switching on the heating of the terrarium.

If, with an increase in temperature and an increase in the length of daylight hours, your turtle did not eat, then an urgent need for a thorough examination by a veterinarian, and, if necessary, start treatment. After all, the wintering of turtles is connected not only with the refusal to eat, but also from drinking too. This entails such very unpleasant consequences as a drop in the level of vitamins and glucose, blood concentration, an increase in the level of toxic elements, which are formed as a result of metabolism.

The most serious consequences of the exhaustion and dehydration of the turtle are renal and hepatic failure.

If your pet looks good enough, but it categorically refuses to feed, you should examine the eyes. There are cases that the cause of starvation is conjunctivitis.

If the tortoise does not eat food, but behaves very actively and does not look exhausted, then it is possible that this is a male who shows his sexual activity. As a rule, in such a period, the appetite in animals is significantly reduced. Of course, the question of why a turtle is not eating is best to ask the vet, but the information provided in this article will certainly not hurt you.