Why see in a dream a big tree

To dream of a big tree, all in green foliage and blooming - to the positive moments in life. But how do different dream books interpret such a dream?

Dream Dream Thelomena

If you saw a big tree in a dream, it foreshadows a meeting with a wise man. Perhaps it will be an old man who will answer long-suffering questions. Such a dream is predicting a way out of a difficult situation and solving important problems.

Small Veles dream

The big tree dreamed of promises a considerable profit to the dreamer.

To dream of a big tree in the shade - to the successful completion of cases.

A big tree with fruits promises profit and new living space.

Dreamed you planted a tree? You will always be surrounded by material wealth.

If in a dream a tree was cut down - in reality there will be a loss.

A lonely tall tree spells out quarrels and troubles.

Modern dream book

A big tree dreamed with fruits promises prosperity and success in business. A withered tree foreshadows hard work.

To plant a tree in a dream is to improve well-being. To cut down a tree - to losses and losses.

You were sitting under a big tree in your sleep - you will be very worried about reality because of your happiness.