Why quit girl?

After parting with your loved one, not only girls, but also guys suffer a lot. Male sex is much harder going through parting with a loved one, if it was not part of his plans, that is, not on his initiative.

Many guys very often do not understand why the girl threw the first, and not him. Indeed, in a relationship, in their opinion, the initiative must always come from the guys. But your pride, boys, sometimes does not allow you to really look at the situation and really understand why the first girl throws.

If a girl quit, then you should first think about your behavior towards her.

“Why do girls leave me?” - a few guys, but still some ask themselves this question if they can’t work out their relationship with the opposite sex. Think well, analyze your relationship from beginning to end.

Because of what a girl can quit

  • When a guy is not able to take a single, even the smallest serious decision (girls love responsible and powerful guys who do not shift the solution of a particular problem to someone).
  • You don’t pay attention to her at all, because girls pay attention to how oxygen is vital.
  • Constantly looking for the ideal. "She must be blonde and always with blue eyes ...". Remember, guys, ideals do not exist in our lives, and their search is just an attempt to hide the fear of a permanent relationship.
  • You can not open up in front of her. When you are with a person who cannot even put you on the threshold of your inner world for a long time, the separation cannot be avoided - it is just a matter of time.
  • You expect unpredictability, even without having a clue what it is. And when the girl “throws out” what you couldn’t even think of, then you immediately begin to accuse your friend of hysteria or bitchiness. So boys, be very alert to your desires.
  • Dissatisfaction in bed. Sex is important, not just for guys. For girls, intimate relationships are no less important, they also want full-fledged relationships in bed.

“I was thrown by my girlfriend. What to do? ”- many guys ask this question. Some male members withdraw into themselves, become isolated and fall into a deep depression, others seek solace in alcoholic beverages, while others go into revelry.And all this instead of just thinking and trying to solve this problem. You should not do so, our dear stronger sex.

How not to lose a girl

A few rules that will help keep your relationship:

  • Do not forget to give pleasant compliments to your beloved at least once a day.
  • Dilute and make life more vivid, and not so meager and gray.
  • Be interested in your other half.
  • Listen to her advice and try to surprise her.

Then your relationship will become more vivid and long-term.

Army and parting

In our modern world, the army becomes a very common cause of separation. And this guys are very hard going through. After all, the girl who is waiting is all for the soldier. If a girl in the army left the girl, then guys, don't be silent, discuss this problem with your friends, with a psychologist in part. The reasons why the girl threw the guy in the army, in fact, a lot. Perhaps the long separation has worked, or she just got tired of waiting to be alone. Maybe this separation has opened a new view on your relationship, on your future. Or maybe she was just tired of your insecurity, constant monitoring and prohibitions. So, before deciding to take such a step, wait and ask to be waited, first of all discuss it, because this is all very serious.If you are not sure about something, not even for a bit, then you should not agree. In this way, save each other.

And we wish you only bright and mutual love! Take care of your relationship and remember that everything that is not done is done for the better!