Why is my little finger numb?

A decrease or complete lack of sensitivity is called numbness. Such changes in the body arise without a reason and can quickly pass, and can remain for a long time. Often, numbness of various parts of the body is a symptom of serious diseases. Many people are bothered by numbness in their little fingers. And increasingly, patients turn to doctors with a question: why are little fingers numb in their hands?

Causes of pinky numbness

The simplest cause of numbness of the little fingers is considered to be a consequence of any physical impact on them. Often, numbness occurs after trauma, shock, squeezing, resulting in nerve damage. In this case, the numbness is short-lived, as soon as the nerve is restored, sensitivity is restored.

Also, the answer to the question: why is the pinky numb? One word can serve - osteochondrosis. This is a serious disease of the cervical spine, in which numbness can spread from the little fingers over the entire arm. Such numbness is accompanied by pain, there is a sensitivity to cold.To clarify the diagnosis it is necessary to undergo computed tomography. After the diagnosis is established, the doctor prescribes treatment. It can be anti-inflammatory and painkillers, exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapy.

Why numb little finger on his right hand

Often numbness of the little fingers can occur with elbow or hand neuropathy. This reason most often, is the answer to the question of why the little finger of the right hand is numb. Most of the people in our country are right-handed, which means that we carry out the main actions related to vital activity with our right hand. Due to the frequent extension and bending of the elbow, the ulnar nerve is damaged, and then, numbness occurs. This kind of numbness is also accompanied by pain, it increases during physical exertion and at night. If, with a numb hand, shake, the pain subsides. For the treatment of this type of numbness, it is recommended, for some time, to limit movement with a sore hand. A course of general therapy with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs is also prescribed.

Why numb little finger on his left hand

The answer to the question why the little finger of the left hand is getting numb most often can be heard that this is due to the pathology of the heart and the cardiovascular system.If the doctor during the examination, the cause of numbness considers exactly this, you will be assigned to undergo an ECG. You also need to contact the therapist, neurologist and cardiologist. After clarifying the diagnosis and causes, treatment is prescribed. And if the question of why the left little finger becomes dumb appears quite often, you have been examined, and the reason has not been fully clarified. Know that such a numbness can cause stress, a strong feeling. So less negative emotions, smile more, you can take a sedative.

In any case, to find out the cause of numbness of the little fingers, you need to consult a doctor and undergo tests to avoid serious consequences. And remember, only a doctor can give you a treatment. Do not treat yourself and be healthy.