Why should not men be pressured?

And the more your object of attention was in free flight, the more difficult it is to cope with the very thought that it is bound by some kind of obligations. And therefore, hack yourself on the nose, young ladies: if you are not looking for easy ways and you definitely need to get an “ideological bachelor” as your husband, then be ready to give him as much freedom as he needs and give him so much time to acclimatize in new him the circumstances, how much he needs. Not ready? Then better and do not get involved in this game. You have already lost it. And what, I ask you, is it worth trying to go where there will be losses? And from both sides? Moral, material ... In general, there will be victims. Do you understand? And do not say later that I did not warn.

With those who remained in the game, we continue.

If you are going to catch a staunch bachelor, you should be ready (sorry for cynicism and straightforwardness) three “baits” with which you can “catch” him into the marriage networks. The first is his freedom, the second is your value (as acquisitions for him), the third is reliable facts that someone is trying to encroach on this value.Bait work only together, alone - does not "burn out". Yesterday, all kinds of immature elements (or simply “spies” from the enemy camp) expressed that “the love of even a convinced bachelor will make the beloved girl an offer.”

Why should not men be pressured?

Nonsense! "Convinced bachelor" can get carried away, do not argue, can even fall in love, but never marry. That's why he is an ideological one, that's why he is a staunch bachelor.

First, about "love." Young ladies, realize that there are many women in the life of an ideological bachelor. It was and is. About "will / will not be" - we will discuss later. At this stage it is still premature to talk about it. You haven't got it yet. So, he had women and there are plenty. Do you think he was passionate about any of them? And was in love? And what about luxurious sex with any of them? Had any of his women been pretty? And smart? Erudite? Sports? Rich, finally?

I answer for you: yes, there were such women in his life. And not even one. Question: why is he still not married?

The problem of the majority of women in the "rest-normal" psychology. Each of us necessarily need to put the guy on the leash in his hole. And Schaub did not twitch.And every day at the leash a couple of centimeters are cut off. So that soon he is not something to twitch, but he can barely breathe.

Nine out of ten women take on the role of "his woman" immediately after sex. It all begins relatively delicately with more intensive teletext communications (which smoothly move out closer to the night time, so as to check whether the “object” is in a horizontal position alone in a burrow, if it is not screwed to where).

Then the “nosochny” stage begins, when at the earliest opportunity the applicant for his hand and heart cleans up the boxes and begins to pair up the socks, which were in creative disorder before

Then his kitchen cabinets begin to fill with objects and products, the purpose of which he does not know and will never know. Then follows (beloved by all the ladies, without exception) the stage of “forgetfulness”, when the items of the ladies' toilet and wardrobe are left “accidentally” on its territory.

Why should not men be pressured?

And the last one is when the regime of violence over his usual rhythm and schedule of life is turned on: instead of his favorite programs, he is forced to watch what he likes, instead of gathering with his friends - to hang around “places of her interests”, and on legitimate weekends - communicate with her relatives and friends.And I'm not talking about the holidays, which he must organize, pay and be guilty for everything that goes wrong. I summarize all of the above: 99% of young ladies go to rapprochement too soon, too quickly, too sharply and too energetically.

Bachelors differ from all other men only in one thing: they have a keen sense of scent on all these female things. They fight back at the first stage, and if the young lady does not have enough brains to slow down, then they go to the second. That is why the only way to "catch" a bachelor is to break the pattern and not encroach on his freedom, while showing him what kind of treasure you are and how this treasure is claimed by others. But remember: you should never talk about other men in the forehead and in the open. You just need to sometimes post pictures in your social network, where you look breathtakingly at events that you attend without him, and sometimes be inaccessible. The rest he dofantaziruet himself.