Why lose a ring?

April 2, 2015
Why lose a ring?

In ancient times, jewelry was attached great importance, since they were often viewed as amulets or talismans. There are a large number of superstitions and folk signs that are associated with the loss of jewelry.

Let's talk - why lose the ring.

Lose ring

It is believed that the loss of the ring is a bad omen. If the decoration was presented, then the sign says separation, a long separation or a serious quarrel with this person.

If you purchased the ring yourself and then lost it, then it is considered that with the loss you also lost some energy. Especially it concerns products from gold or silver.

But do not be discouraged: there is a downside to superstition. If failures have haunted you at this period of life, they will leave you with the lost ring. In order to avoid any special changes in life, it is recommended to ask a loved one to donate a gold ring. It is important that the gift was from the heart.

Lose a wedding ring

The loss of a wedding ring does not bode well either.According to popular belief, it is believed that the couple will part or divorce, and some signs even threaten widowhood.

However, any consequences can be prevented by performing a ritual. In this case, you should get rid of the second ring of the spouse or spouse. To do this, you need to light two candles in the full moon, then take the ring in your hand and say the spell: "The ring is gone and the quarrel is gone. The ring is gone and the misfortune is gone."

Then remove the ring in a glass and fill it with holy water. After three days, you need to hide it and buy a new pair of wedding rings. Due to the fact that the second ring can not be worn, it is recommended to give it as a donation to the temple. In this case, in any case, do not regret the loss.

As we said above, jewelry is a kind of talisman or talisman, so a loss or a finding can signify various changes in life.