Why do your fingers crack?

Galina Uneasy
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Why do your fingers crack?

The characteristic crackling of the joints is familiar to absolutely everyone. To many people, it seems very unpleasant, while others are not averse to crunching their fingers or elbow joints. Let us see why the fingers crunch, and indeed what caused the crunch of the joints.

Some people believe that crunching the joints is an abnormal phenomenon and indicates a physiological disorder. They reason like this: the surface of a healthy articular cartilage is smooth, so if the joints crack, then the cartilages in them have roughness, therefore, they are unhealthy.

The true cause of cod is not damage to the surface of the cartilage. Between the cartilage in the synovial membrane there is a synovial fluid that acts as a lubricant. With a sudden movement, the cavity in which this fluid is stored rapidly expands, the pressure drops, and the gases dissolved in it � nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide � boil (this behavior of the gas is called cavitation). If you listen carefully, the crack of your fingers resembles the sound of a bursting bubble.In fact, this is exactly what happens in the joint at the time of cod. Therefore, in all people the joints of the fingers crack, and this is not an anomaly.

Another reason is the displacement of the ligaments and tendons. In some people, the position of these tissues may change as the joint moves. When the joint is stretched, the tendon instantly returns to its �native� position. In this case, you can hear the crunches of the toes, hands, kneecaps, cervical vertebrae, etc.

The reasons given for the crunch are the most common. However, not always such a crackling sound is healthy. Sometimes he can really testify to any violations. At the same time, you need to sound the alarm and consult a doctor only if the crunch of the joints causes you to feel pain.