Why does the ficus shed its leaves?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 7, 2015
Why does the ficus shed its leaves?

Ficus - tropical plants that grow mainly in places with humid air, diffused sunlight and the necessary temperature. Very often, acquiring this plant, you can face the rapid shedding of leaves, so many growers think about why the ficus sheds leaves.

Reasons for dropping leaves

Among the main reasons why the plant can lose leaves, emit:

  • lighting. Since this plant is very fond of light, it should be placed in well-lit places, but not in direct sunlight. In winter, it is necessary to equip the room in which the plant is located with additional light devices. With a lack of light, the leaves become thin and begin to fall off.
  • moving to another place or room. Changing the place also adversely affects the plant, even if you move the plant from one room to another.Having bought Benjamin's ficus in a store, you should think about creating the same conditions (or very close to them) in the room in which the plant will be stored, since in adverse conditions it very quickly drops the leaves.
  • draft. Ficus is a very fastidious plant that is afraid of drafts and strong wind currents. It should be located in places protected from drafts.
  • temperature changes. An abrupt change in temperature can lead not only to the fact that the ficus turns yellow, but also sheds leaves. It should be noted that the favorable temperature for growing this plant is 18-25 ° C.
  • insects and pests. If all of the above reasons are excluded, then it is necessary to inspect the leaflets and the stem of the plant well, perhaps pests were introduced on the ficus. To combat them, it is recommended to use special tools that can be purchased at flower shops.
  • imbalance disorders. If the new leaves are small and fall off for no apparent reason, then you need to transplant the plant into a larger pot or use mineral fertilizers as baits.
  • natural dropping.If the plant in the autumn-winter period sheds leaves, then this can be a natural process. In this case, not more than 20% of leaves fall.