Why dream of shit?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 26, 2015
Why dream of shit?

Very often in a dream you can see feces. Some say that it is for money and well-being, others, on the contrary - for problems. So, why dream shit and what this dream means, let's try to figure out our article.

Meaning of dream

Depending on who and what excrement had a dream, and you can interpret this dream.

Sleep for woman

If in a dream a woman sees a lot of shit, then this may indicate a monetary increase and material well-being. Those who are trying to feces in a dream, you need to carefully look at colleagues, as they can substitute you and you will have a lot of problems.

Shit cat dreams of trouble, mainly with health. After such a dream, you must be examined or pay attention to your diseased organs.

Sleep for a man

If in a dream you see human feces, then this can mean either a profit or serious mental torments.

For a man to be smeared with human excrement - means to get into an awkward position, where everyone learns a secret that they have long hidden or did not want to make for general consideration.

If you do not see shit, but guess what it is there, this indicates your mental state: you are very excited and afraid that others will interfere in your life.

How to interpret a dream, if in a dream you are trying to go to the toilet? If you have an upset stomach, it means that you are afraid of your non-recognition and invalidity; constipation indicates stagnation in your work. Those who have seen their feces can rejoice, since this dream is a farewell to further success.

It is worth noting that in order not to dream in a dream, you must always look for positive aspects, as people themselves with their thoughts attract both positive and negative aspects of their lives.