What is the dream about a scarf?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 14, 2013
What is the dream about a scarf?

Dreams are different - anxious, calm and those that are hard to forget. Sometimes a person in the morning, remembering a dream, goes through the details in his mind until the evening, unable to get rid of the impression. Such dreams, which then long remain in the memory include dreams about hats, scarves. What is the dream about a scarf? The answer depends on what kind of scarf it was and what exactly you were doing with it.

Head scarf

If the shawl is already worn on your head in a dream, a dream means that you will soon hear the news or receive interesting news.

Some dream books say that a scarf on my head is a dream for a wedding, if the girl is unmarried. But unfree lady, such an accessory indicates a speedy love adventure.

And there is the third meaning of the headscarf - to take responsibility or even hang a burden.

Scarf color

Why dream of a black scarf? Some dream books interpret this event as a quick loss, because black means mourning. Moreover, the loss can mean not only someone's death, but also the loss of money or respect for a loved one.

A blue, red or bandanna can mean traveling and meeting different people. If the coloring is gloomy - the impressions will be doubtful, if it is cheerful and lively - the trip will be successful.

Sometimes the question arises, why dream of a white scarf? There are two possible options. White means innocence and purity, and a white handkerchief is associated with a white flag. Therefore, in one case, you can say that you will be innocent in a difficult situation, and in the other that you will not be able to achieve a result in negotiations. Simply give up your interests in favor of your opponent.

Shawl size

Sometimes in a dream there is a big handkerchief in which you can wrap yourself up completely. This dream means that you will have protection. Moreover, the larger and denser the handkerchief - the better it will be.

Why dream of a handkerchief? Quite an ambiguous subject. In some dream books, a handkerchief is interpreted as a loss, as they were waving earlier at parting. In others, he points to a quick illness.

In whatever form or entourage you would not have dreamed a handkerchief - one should not take such a dream too seriously. Remember that a dream is only a warning or advice from a non-sleeping unconscious.Often in a dream we see what happened during the day and left impressions. Therefore, sleep well, and try to remember only good dreams.