Why dream peeing

When interpreting what dreams to urinate, many dream books show a similar opinion. They believe this dream evidence of self-development by getting rid of aggression and bad habits. However, one should not exclude the possibility of the psychosomatic origin of the plot for such a dream.

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piss in a dream
Why dream peeing

Feel relieved by the process

Urine symbolizes the demonic principle, which with a large congestion turns into uncontrollable rage. By urinating you get rid of all the bad things and take the path of harmony with the outside world. This is a very good sign, foreshadowing wealth and success.

Pain sensations

If you dream that you are having difficulty or pain when you are trying to urinate, the opinions of the dream books differ. Some argue that this is a good sign, promising a new assignment for work, others are confident that the dreamer has serious health problems and should immediately turn to specialists.

Pee in public

The process of urination is associated not only with the withdrawal of toxins. Many representatives of the flora, thus, mark their territory. The desire for domination can be expressed in a dream in a similar behavior in humans.

If you dreamed that you were doing such an unseemly act at work, it means that you are striving for a high position and want to get the best equipment. To urinate at home - to failures and difficulties.

The desire to humiliate any person can be expressed in a dream in the form of urination on the object of hatred. This is a warning about a serious conflict that may arise between you in reality.


If you had the opportunity to urinate in a dream and, as a result, to find the same problem in reality, this may indicate the development of such an unpleasant disease as enuresis. It affects about 1% of adults. Most often, the problem is associated with constant stress and depression.

Dreams that you piss in a dream, but in reality is everything all right? This is a serious warning that your brain is sending. The body is tired from work, it needs a good rest. You should postpone all affairs and go on vacation.

Where is this going?

The place where you are going to celebrate the natural need in a dream is also important. If this is a secluded corner - you can really mess things up. Peeing on the floor - to strengthen the financial situation, and "go in a little" in the toilet - you will be invited to a romantic date.