Why do my legs hurt?

Today, much more often people began to complain of pain in their legs. Both elderly and young, and children suffer from this. Why do my legs hurt? Pain may be associated with spinal problems. Especially when adolescent posture or scoliosis is found in adolescents. With this violation, the center of gravity shifts, and the body presses on a certain part of the leg. The same cause of pain in the legs may be flat feet or congenital abnormalities associated with the hip joints. Whatever the cause of the pain in your legs, let's see what you can do to alleviate your suffering.

Causes of leg pain

If we take the elderly people, we will remember that at this age rheumatism and arthritis are actively developing, the metabolism is disturbed. All this negatively affects the legs and can cause pain in them. But, why do the legs hurt so much that you can not do without medications, and sometimes you have to resort to surgery? With age, the body undergoes irreversible changes that often lead to diseases of the bones, muscles and joints, so that the only way out is the participation of medicine.

Let's do a little diagnosis.After a short walk, you felt pain in your legs. If, after a short rest, the pain has passed, problems may be with the arteries. But, if after the rest, the pain does not recede, it can be lumbosacral osteochondrosis. And if you feel a sharp pain in your legs when moving, this may indicate the presence of sciatica. It would be wise to consult a doctor for further treatment.

Pain in the calves

This is a very common phenomenon and sensation. Why hurt calves after physical activity and even just while walking? As a rule, doctors associate it with vascular disease, when venous valves do not do well with their work. Namely, the flow of venous blood slows down, the veins overflow with blood, and the walls of the veins expand. You can not see deterioration for years, and then, in a flash, thrombi form in the veins and this leads to serious complications.

The same pain in the calves can cause cramps. And, actually, why legs are tied up? This occurs when fatigue gastrocnemius muscle. To get the pain gone, quickly relax the muscle and change the position of the leg (lie down or sit), rub the leg well.You can apply a cold compress or walk barefoot on the cold floor.

If the pain in the calves of the legs occurs again and again, be sure to consult your doctor.

Sore toes

More often, pain in the toes is felt by women. It turns out the problem is in the shoes. Shoe manufacturers have recently stopped using an adjustable shoe, with which the heel was made narrow and the toe was wide. Alas, fashion dictates its own! That is why the toes hurt. The narrow toe squeezes the toes, and the foot moves forward, and the heel becomes slightly loose. At this point, the woman thinks that she needs to buy shoes a size smaller. For her, the main thing is that the backdrop does not jump off at each step, and the fingers will get used.

But that's not all! The problem of pain in the toes is also covered in high heels. No matter how elegant the woman looks, but the studs, with their height, carry the weight of the whole body onto the pads of the foot. Hence the pain in the fingers, calf muscles and feet. The back and knees begin to suffer.

Let's not forget that narrow shoes are another reason for the formation of a "bump" at the base of the big toe. In medicine, this disease is called - the thumb bursitis.To make the pain in your toes subside, you can steam your feet in warm water or apply ice. Of course, you can temporarily relieve pain, but it is better to abandon cramped shoes or high-heeled shoes.

Yes, we forgot to talk about blisters! The reason is the same - shoes shake, rubs, and there are bulges, growths on the fingers. Ointments from corns on time will help, but it can go to surgery.

Dear women, there are no "harmless" high-heeled shoes! Make the right choice in favor of healthy legs, without pain in the fingers.

Feel pain in the feet

You can write a lot about why your feet hurt. Our feet can cause discomfort and pain in the toes, ingrown nails, sprains, flat feet. Here are some more reasons: gout attack, rheumatoid arthritis and many others.

Also, problems with the vessels of the foot may occur if you smoke, if you have diabetes or suffer from high blood pressure.

Severe pain in the foot can also be caused by pinching of the nerve in the spine. Try to look like heels, if you managed to do it, everything is in order. But, if you could not even stand on your heels, it means that your nerve is compressed.It is he who strains the muscles and causes pain in the foot.

All these are quite serious diseases, and we must treat them with all responsibility. Do not self-medicate, consult a specialist.

What can be the cause of pain in the foot

People complain of pain in the foot very often. Why do my feet hurt? With active walking, pain in the foot may appear with a lack of calcium. And if you have been stationary for a long time, it is not the bones that hurt, but the atrophied muscles. Be afraid of dramatically gaining weight in a short period, as well as not staying long on your feet - this can also lead to pain in the feet.

If the foot paled at rest, or reddened in motion, the artery is most likely affected. Acute pain in the foot, in the back and side, may be associated with inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Sometimes when walking or running, you can feel a sharp pain in the heel. This is a heel spur. Be sure to consult an orthopedist and make an x-ray. Order orthopedic insoles, do a transverse massage. Cycling and swimming will be helpful.

Baby feet care

Many children complain of pain in their legs.Do you know why children have leg pain? The cause of deformed children's feet is, firstly, inappropriate shoes. Too early, children begin to wear fashionable shoes, with a narrow toe. And it would be good to buy shoes for children 2 cm longer than the foot and with a wide toe. So parents will allow the foot of the baby to grow further.

The second cause of foot pain in children is improper parental care for babies. Starting with tight night overalls or little socks, and ending with a walker. The problem of walkers has long been raised by pediatricians. Parents help not children, but themselves, as they can go about their business. And the child in this walker, goes to the touch, seeing nothing in front of him. Yes, so baby learn not to walk, and will become crippled. Hence the pain in the legs.

Yes, sore legs are a very serious problem. They swell, ache, get tired. And the best that can be advised is the consultation of specialists in this field. Health and strength to you!