Why do feet smell?

Everyone at least once noticed in his unpleasant smell from the legs. It should be noted that this smell is present even in the cleanest people. So, why do feet smell? What is the reason?

Why feet sweat

We must begin with the fact that the legs - this is the part of our body, which every day has a huge physical exertion. You can imagine how a person feels after being in a gym for 2 hours. Then what to say about the legs? It is easy to imagine how they feel, being 10-12 hours in continuous operation. That is why the problem of excessive sweating of the legs arises in people who have to spend a lot of time �on their feet�, for example, waiters, sellers, couriers. Such a constant load begins to cause the skin of the legs to wear out very quickly and begins to reject its old particles. Pumice stone can help to get rid of this, as it is worth rubbing your feet lightly while bathing. Another important point why feet sweat and smell is this. The thing is that most of the time we are in a vertical position, so the fluid in our body flows down. The result of this is sweating.By the way, the evaporation of sweat is necessary for the thermoregulation of the body.

Why do feet smell so much

It is no secret that 98% of the sweat consists of water. When it is excreted from the body out and waste nitrogenous substances, trace elements, fatty acids and cholesterol. The reason for the unpleasant smell lies in the bacterial cleavage of these secretions and their oxidation by oxygen. All this forms excellent conditions for the reproduction of various microbes. In addition, the smell of sweat affects the nutrition of a person. Thus, the content in the diet of a large number of spicy products, such as onions, garlic, various spices and spices, cause changes in the smell of sweat.

The reasons why the feet smell bad may also be as follows:

  • Diseases of both the legs and the whole organism.
  • Very tight and closed shoes.
  • Exercise, stress, hard work muscles, excitement.
  • Various skin diseases of the feet. For example, a common disease such as a fungus causes dryness and cracks in the skin between the toes. As a result, the sore spots begin to itch, flake and there is increased sweating of the legs.
  • Endocrine and infectious diseases, as well as malignant tumors and various pathologies of the central nervous system.

Excessive sweating of the feet must be fought not only because of the unpleasant smell, but also because constantly sweating feet are very susceptible to infectious and fungal diseases.

Why do baby's feet smell

Many parents may notice an unpleasant smell emanating from the child�s feet. Why is this happening? The fact is that the body of each child is characterized by increased metabolism. Due to perspiration, he gets rid of excessive heat and accumulated slag. It is not difficult to notice that the universal shoes of modern children are sneakers, which are almost impossible to force to change to other shoes. In turn, sneakers create ideal conditions for the occurrence of hyperhidrosis with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, the child�s shoes should be the goal of increased attention from every caring parent. Who, if not you, will take care of the health of the child.

Also, with increased sweating of the legs, you should not neglect the visit to the doctor, as only he can make a qualified diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.