Why do an abortion?

At different times, abortions had a different attitude. But, as a rule, this attitude was not positive. Most often, religious and public morality defined abortion as a sin or a crime. By and large, the way it is. Artificial termination of pregnancy is nothing more than murder. We will not talk about the legal status of this crime. Consider moral, social, and medical reasons to help you understand why an abortion is done.

Moral reasons

Such reasons were relevant in those times when the sin of adultery was considered a more terrible sin than the deliverance from the fruit of such love. Young girls who got pregnant before the wedding, married women who sinned on the side, deliberately went to underground or legalized abortions.

For moral reasons can be attributed, and pregnancy, resulting from rape, as well as cases where women have an abortion, having learned about the betrayal of a loved one. A moral, or rather, immoral cause can be called the unwillingness of a woman to give birth, so as not to spoil the figure and not burden her life with a child.

Social reasons

One of the most common causes in modern society. The lack of housing or work, the fear of the future, the inopportuneness of the pregnancy that has violated life plans, cramped life circumstances or a hopeless life situation. All this forced and forced women to have abortions.

And if in times of sexual illiteracy and lack of contraceptives it was somehow justified, today there are no excuses for such reasons!

Medical reasons

These are reasons that are not to be blamed or condemned. If pregnancy and the upcoming delivery pose a threat to a woman’s life, then abortion is the only way to preserve the health or life of the mother. If in the early stages of pregnancy incurable diseases or severe pathologies in the fetus are detected, abortion is also justified.

Although even in these cases, the church considers abortion a sin, and women who have gone through such a situation usually regret what happened to the end of their lives.

Conflicting situations

The sexual illiteracy of adolescents often leads to early and unwanted pregnancies.In such cases, even some parents insist on abortion without thinking about the consequences. They are more concerned with a radical and instantly resolving a situation that can “break life” for a teenager. And it’s moral to become a girl of 13–15 years old to the mother.

Neither parents nor pregnant girls think that such an early abortion can cause infertility and serious gynecological diseases.


Today in our country abortions are legalized, although the church strongly supports their ban at the legislative level.

Of course, given the possible health problems of a pregnant woman, as well as the possibility of the birth of an unhealthy child, abortion, as a medical surgery, has a right to exist. The moral and ethical side of this issue will never get a clear assessment.

But in situations where the decision about abortion is made for a completely healthy woman who is able to give birth to an already conceived healthy child, the entire responsibility for such an act falls on the woman herself and her close associates.