Why do they close their eyes when they kiss?

Julia Bukatova
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��������������������������������������������December 10, 2012
Why do they close their eyes when they kiss?

Your lips are very close to each other, your heart beats more and more, now you feel the breath of your loved one on your skin, you kiss and ... you involuntarily close your eyes. Why do they close their eyes when they kiss?

Frankly, not all representatives of the human race kiss with closed eyes. People who want to keep the situation under control, as a rule, keep their eyes open when kissing. However, the consequence of this control is the inability to get real pleasure from kissing.

Closed with a kiss eyes allow you to feel all the sweetness of this process, completely relax and surrender to their emotions and sensations. That is why we prefer to keep our eyes closed while kissing.

However, there are physiological explanations for this phenomenon. When kissing the brain gives the command "close your eyes" to eliminate interference from external stimuli.So he provides himself with the greatest number of positive emotions, and thus improves his own state.

Psychologists sometimes recommend spying on your partner while kissing. According to his behavior, you will be able to identify some features of his character and temperament. However, you should not overdo it and with each kiss "stare" at your partner. So you forget to enjoy this process.

Perhaps the result of our kissing with closed eyes is stereotypical behavior. In romantic films, we always see how two people who are madly in love with each other close their eyes while kissing. And who among us would not like to repeat such a relationship in life? Here we imitate the behavior of the actors on the screen.

However, it is not so important how you behave when you kiss. It is much more important that you and your partner like this whole process. A nice kiss can lift your spirits and get rid of impending depression. In addition, it significantly improves the immune system, and thus improves overall health. So do not think about why they close their eyes when kissing.Just kiss on health and have fun!