Why channels do not work?

Sometimes it happens that instead of a TV program you see a dark screen or a message about problems. Why TV channels do not work? The reasons may be different. To eliminate the problem you need to know several aspects of the receiver, or receiver.

You need to know the DRE ID, which is also the identification number of the receiver of the signal. On the receiver panel, press the “Status” button, where a 12-digit number will appear. Sometimes it can be 14-digit.

Output Messages

  • DRE coded channel. This message is usually displayed in cases where your receiver has been turned off for too long. In this case, it is worthwhile to turn it on and wait a few hours until it is synchronized with the satellite’s working hours and will be decoded.
  • Either the receiver is not registered. In this case, you must enter the identification number on the website of the Tricolor TV provider. Another non-configured antenna may be a problem. In this case, you need to call the provider with a repeated application for activation.
  • Coded channel DRE, displayed on paid channels.In this case, it usually means that the subscription to the provision of services has ended. This may be due to late payment, or when transferring funds to a personal account within the system. If this is the case, then you should go to the provider's website in the section of your profile and indicate the purpose of payment.
  • Incompatibility of receiver software. In the case of the GS-8306 HD receiver, an inscription may appear that there are no HD channels. In this case, you should enter the TV Tricolor menu and click the Restore Channel List button, and the settings will be changed. In the GS-8300 (m, n) receiver, the problem with the new software is solved as follows: press the TV / RADIO and CHANNEL + buttons on the receiver panel at the same time. Then press the button on the STANDBY remote.
  • No signal. Such a message means that the reason why the channels do not work is in the antenna settings. Often, the antenna is not exposed to the satellite initially, or because of the wind, it changed the settings. Although sometimes it happens that there is a violation between the receiver cable and the antenna. In this case, you need to make sure that the cable is connected to the LNB IN jack. Or problems are caused by changed antenna or receiver settings.When it is decided why the channels do not work, Tricolor TV is checked for a number of tinctures. The LNB type must be single, and the LNB power must be connected. The settings on the receiver panel are checked.

Pixels on screen

Or so-called. squares may appear for several reasons.

  • Changing antenna settings due to weather conditions or due to operating conditions. Dirt and excess moisture can greatly affect the operation of the antenna, and its ability to receive a signal.
  • Incorrect antenna setup. If some settings “got lost” or initially worked incorrectly, then you can invite the wizard, or try to adjust the antenna yourself. To do this, in the menu “Manual search” find two parallel scales. Lower - “image quality scale”. Watching its performance, you need to change the position of the antenna until the quality is satisfactory. This is achieved by changing the strength of the antenna mount.
  • Signal obstruction due to high objects such as trees. In this case, either change the location of the antenna, or find a way to remove obstacles.