Who will suit the pink blonde?

Almost every year and even every season there are new fashionable shades, and some of them create a real sensation! For example, the original pink blonde looks very stylish and bright. But this color is not all, and get it is not easy.

What is this color?

In fashion magazines and among stylists there are different names for fashionable shades. The most simple and understandable is a pink blond that looks like a light pink. But there are other variations, such as strawberry blond. This is a more intense and dark shade, which combines notes of light brown or wheat and pink peach, reminiscent of the ruddy sides of these ripe fruits. Another gorgeous option is rose gold. This shade is delicate and noble, it includes a play of golden, subtle pink, apricot and honey.

Who is this shade?

Paying attention to the trendy pink blonde is worth young girls, as more mature women may feel uncomfortable and look a little ridiculous.This color is not suitable for women who work in the office and are forced to observe a strict dress code.

He does not fit into the strict and business style. But even the photo shows that this tone refreshes and complements free and original images, such as hippies, punk, rock and other equally creative, and sometimes flashy.

Pink blond is very specific, so not fit into every type of appearance. He harmoniously complements the image of girls with the features of "Summer" and "Spring", that is, light skin, hair and eyes. But the owners of swarthy skin, dark hair and expressive eyes are better to pay attention to other colors, since the strawberry blond in these cases can make the image vulgar or ridiculous.

Tip: if the skin is porcelain, then you should use a pink blond with cold notes, for example, pearl, ashen. And girls with peach skin should prefer warm tones, such as honey, wheat.

How to achieve this shade?

How to get a pink blond? There are several ways:

  1. Select the paint of the corresponding tone. Many manufacturers produce trendy shades, including pink blond. But give preference only to well-known, and better to professional brands.
  2. You can first lighten the curls, and then try using a pink shade toning shampoo. So you can evaluate yourself in a new image, but at the same time at any time return to the more familiar.
  3. Blondes can try out a more gentle way - toning. Although in the end the shade will wash off, but the hair will not suffer much, and the image will not have time to bother you.
  4. If you are afraid to decide on such cardinal changes, then try experimenting with strands and making highlights.
  5. Choosing a basic professional helmet and adding mixedons, you can get the desired color. But in order to achieve the desired result, you should master the skills of working with such tools. In addition, they should all be the same brand and belong to the same line.
  6. It is best to trust a professional. An experienced hairdresser will be able not only to find the shade that suits you best, but also to get it, not any other. Colorists masterly mix colors, use professional resistant pigments.

And finally, advice: if in doubt, weigh the pros and cons and start with a little change.

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