What is a poet?

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What is a poet?

In the dictionaries the term �poet� is defined as a writer who creates his works in a poetic form, an artist-writer who creates in poetic genres. So, for example, Dahl explains the meaning of this word: a person who is able to feel, be aware of poetry, and who is able to convey it in verbal form, an artist of the word who is able to create elegant things. The word itself comes from the Greek "poetess".

Global concepts

About who is a poet, and that this concept contains much more than a person who writes poetry, many said. For example, Yevtushenko - the famous "more than a poet." Or Isaev, who claimed that the poet is not the one who writes poetry, but who writes and even thinks with poetry. And in a number of European countries (especially in the old days), and in Russia too, such a person was endowed with supernatural features, God's gift, which, of course, distinguished him from the gray mass. By the way, many poets wrote about this relationship of genius and mob.

Poetry style

The poet can create his works using different styles.Each significant creator has his own, unique and inimitable. But the genres of poetry are rather strictly defined by the science of versification. In verses, they are distinguished by many: from the ballad to the elegy, many of them have already come out of frequent use by poets.

Classic poetry

The world classics of poetic creativity include many poets from different countries and eras. In Russia, the most famous: Pushkin and Lermontov, Marshak and Pasternak, Yevtushenko and Voznesensky. In European countries: Dante, Petrarch, Byron, Goethe and many more, many others.