Who is a DJ?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 13, 2013
Who is a DJ?

During the Soviet era, children dreamed of becoming astronauts and policemen, now they want to be DJs. Consider this profession and talk about who the dj is and what he does.

The word DJ itself is a derivative of the word disc jockey (English “disc jockey”, i.e. playing discs), which today has been reduced to just two letters DJ. From the word "DJ" came the name of the actual thing he does - "DJing" (English DJing, i.e., a DJ).

The result of the DJ is a “mix”, i.e. composition of music that sounds without interruption, smoothly moving from one topic to another. The basis for the mix is ​​a musical recording, which is processed by the DJ and gets a new independent sound.

Full DJ performance, i.e. what dj does, his program is a set. A set may include a performance of several dj. DJ competitions are held separately, where they compete in their skill, this is called “battle”.

Types of DJ

The conditional division of DJs into 3 types was adopted:

  • radio DJ
  • mobile DJ
  • club DJ

The job of a radio DJ is built primarily from communication with radio listeners, which alternates with news and music. Musical compositions are served, as a rule, unchanged, with the exception of copyright radio shows, where the presenter builds his program entirely around music and performers.

Mobile DJ holds a performance at an event: a corporate party, a wedding, a school disco. In his own possession has everything you need for work: equipment, a collection of music CDs. His speech is reduced, as a rule, to the organization of recreation in general, and not just to play music.

Club DJ works permanently in any club and has, for the most part, its own individual style. The compositions that they use differ from the original in their processing and may sound 2 times longer.

But such a division is conditional, since Many DJs combine their activities, and only a few are pure representatives of the species.

UNESCO Decision of 2002. It is customary to celebrate DJ Day on March 9th.