Meat pie in a hurry \ Recipes from Gosha

Meat pie in a hurry


  1. onion-2.
  2. mincemeat 1kg.
  3. eggs-2pcs.
  4. salt, pepper, spices to taste.
  5. Various vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh greens, olives, olives, Bulgarian pepper, chile pepper, etc.)
  6. Soaked bread crumb-4 slices
  7. Parchment paper.
  8. cheese.
  9. tomato paste or garlic sauce, or any other sauce
  10. oil
  11. forks and spoons
  1. For garlic sauce:

  2. mayonnaise
  3. garlic - 6 cloves
  4. dill


Stuff me give mom ready.

It is necessary to add all the seasonings, salt, pepper.

Add the soaked bread crumb and mix.

Grate or chop a medium sized bulb in a blender.

Add the eggs and mix well.

Fill the form with parchment paper, brush with oil and put the mince there.

Bake at 170 degrees until ready.

While the cake is baking, prepare the sauce by mixing mayonnaise with chopped dill and pressed garlic. Can be salted.