Which sunblock is better?

Vacation is coming soon, you are painting a picture of the sea landscape and, of course, the hot sun, which strives to fry you a little. But, every woman should rest properly. It is necessary that the rest was for the benefit of health. Therefore, first of all you need to take care of your skin.

And let's sunbathe

Today, the market offers us a lot of sunscreen and tanning products. But how do you know which sunblock is better? We will not talk about the tool, which is called tanning and which helps to get an artificial tan. It will be a question of creams that will give the opportunity to properly sunbathe and then have a beautiful, not burnt look. Therefore, every woman should use sunscreen.

These creams have proven themselves well, now every vacationer is trying to get it for himself and his family. Powerful ingredients: avocado oil, jojoba, aloe vera will help you moisturize your skin. High quality creams have SPF protective filters. They contain components that protect you from exposure to sunlight.On each tube of such creams should be indicated for what type of skin is this tool.

Skin types

Everyone knows that people are divided by skin type into four groups: Celtic and Central European, Nordic and Mediterranean. Every person should know what type he belongs to. According to your skin type, you need to choose the level of protection that suits you. The higher the level of protection of the cream, the more time you can spend on the beach. Remember, the whiter the skin, the stronger the sunscreen should be.

Treat your choice with attention and seriously, the condition of your skin and health will depend on it. The basis of sunscreens is mineral, synthetic and natural. Also creams are divided into their UV filters. Reflection of sunlight from the skin occurs when a filter of physical origin is applied. Chemical - simply convert the energy of the sun into heat energy. Mineral filters are the most harmless and suitable for the most delicate skin. If you have any reaction on your skin after applying the cream, you should urgently cancel it.

Under the rays ... tanning bed

Many women want to have a tan not only in summer, but all year round. Therefore, they use the services of a solarium. But in order to get a tan in the solarium, you must also use creams. Tanning cream in a solarium is different from those enjoyed on the beach. Their composition does not include components that whiten the skin. It uses bronzers, and they further enhance the effect of UV lamps. Also in creams used in tanning beds, there is no oil and alcohol. They are furthermore divided into groups: developers, prolongators, and activators, each of which performs its own function. If you choose a cream for tanning beds, it is recommended that it contains: vitamins A, C, E, as well as the substance "tingil", coenzyme Q10, bronzers. Be attentive and buy only quality products.


In the sun, the face always suffers. Therefore, face cream for tanning must be applied necessarily. Before going out in the sun, apply a day cream on your face, and then powder. When you are going to the beach, do not use perfumes, because it can cause allergies, pigmentation or vypka may appear.As a result, the mood will be spoiled and the vacation will be unsuccessful. The thing is that this allergy does not appear immediately, but after a while.

In water

After you swim in the water, sunblock in the sun is washed off and loses its effect, which means that the procedure must be repeated and spread again. If the cream has a waterproof base, it does not mean that it will hold in the water constantly. He slowly, but still washed off.

Take care of yourself and your health. Let the vacation go well, and you will return home with a beautiful tan, healthy and with a great desire to get to work.