Where to go to the sea in May?

May is a great month for different types of holidays. It is perfect for lovers of urban style, for those who prefer a beach holiday and educational travel. Today we will talk about where to go to the sea in May, what resort to choose, to have a great time and get to the wonderful weather conditions.

Where to go to the sea in May - options

The month of May is good for holidays in Asian countries, where by this time it has already become hot, but the heat is transferred rather easily than later, during the rainy season. Therefore, some people prefer to go to hot countries in May, so that excursions on vacation do not tire with the unbearable heat. In addition, in May it is easier to find special offers with discounts than in the summer months. And in hotels such popular resorts as Turkey, Egypt or Cyprus will not be crowded and noisy.

Where to go to the Black or Azov Sea in May

Should I go to the south of Russia and the CIS countries in May? Not everyone decides to swim in May in Gelendzhik, in the Crimea or in Anapa. The holiday season is already open, the air is warm, but the water in May is still very cold.But you will provide yourself a relaxing holiday.

Where to go to the Mediterranean Sea in May

We are going in May to relax on the sea in Turkey. We draw your attention to the fact that in May it is best to go to the shores of the Mediterranean. From April to June and from September to November - this is the best time for the famous resorts in Turkey. And in the hot summer months it is recommended to go to the eastern part of Turkey. In May, there will not yet be a strong heat wave, from which in the summer months some people have to take shelter there, and the water in the Mediterranean Sea will warm up. In addition, having traveled to Turkey in the sea in May, you will be taken to the holidays. The Spring Festival is held on May 5-6, when unmarried girls place a note with the desire in a special “vessel of desires”, which remains in the rose garden for the night. And in the morning the girl draws out a note by lot, and it is believed that within a year she will have to get married. There are also other holidays in May: the day of youth and sports on the 19th and Kurban-bayram with the offering of sheep.

If you do not want to banal Turkey, go to the island of Crete with an ancient history, which is also in the Mediterranean Sea. In May, the sun will not burn much, but the air temperature is usually about + 33 °.However, Crete is not the best place for shopping, as clothes prices are very high.

It is said that in Cyprus, May is recognized as the best month for holidays there. The weather during the day is perfect, you can already swim in the warm, but slightly invigorating sea, although at night there is still coolness. As the tourists write, the year is not necessary for the year, so the rains are not excluded.

Where to go to the Red Sea in May

Egypt in May is a wonderful time for holidaymakers! The hot season in Egypt lasts from April to October. The cost of trips in May is reduced, there are no sandstorms, the weather in Egypt during this period is comfortable. You can visit a variety of excursions, not suffering from the heat, as well as quietly spend time on the beach, not much worrying about burns. The Red Sea is considered by many to be the most beautiful sea in the whole world. Egypt - this is where you have to go to the sea in May in order to warm up and sunbathe from the heart, without breathing from the intense heat. The air temperature in mid-May ranges from +29 to + 34 °, and water - + 26 °.

Where to go to the sea in May is exotic

First of all, we must understand that exotic vacation is always more expensive than a regular beach resort. But sometimes it is worth pampering yourself!

  • Seychelles - amazingly beautiful islands, coconut paradise! In May, you can go to the Seychelles, it rains extremely rarely, the air is fresh, as the winds prevail, and the air temperature is about + 25 °. But from December to April, on the contrary, there is a sultry heat with high humidity.
  • Dominican Republic with its stunning white sand beaches and awesome nightlife. In early May, you will be taken to the mass celebration of the Labor Day in the Dominican Republic. The average temperature in May here will be + 25 °, and water - + 22 °.