Where to find money?

Quite a lot of situations arise when money is urgently needed, and there is no place to take it. In this case, it is necessary to consider all possible options for obtaining the required amount. Let us dwell on where to find money.

Friends, acquaintances, relatives

First of all, it is recommended to try to borrow the necessary amount from relatives, acquaintances or friends. Surely many of them save money and can borrow them for a while. Particularly high are the chances of intercepting the required amount if you have previously borrowed money from someone from them in a timely manner and returned without reminders.

This option is advantageous in that you do not need to prepare documents and receive money quickly. And most importantly - do not have to pay interest for their use.

Credit card

Today, quite a few banks offer their customers to issue a credit card. The conditions for its use in most cases are loyal. At its registration takes from 1 to 3 days. A nice bonus for a credit card holder is the availability of a grace period (from 30 to 50 days), during which no interest is charged for the use of funds.

Bank loan

Another option is to take a bank loan.If you need a sufficiently large amount (from 100,000 rubles or more), then you will need to collect a package of documents, and then apply for a special purpose loan. But it is important to consider that it can be considered from 3 to 14 days. In most cases, banks are asked to provide collateral or guarantors.

In case you need less than 100 000 rubles, it is best to take a consumer loan. It is rarely denied, and provided within a few days. To obtain it you will not need to collect a lot of papers, provide collateral and guarantors.

It is important to consider that when applying for a consumer or trust loan you will need not only to pay the amount received, but also interest. Their size is set by the bank and can reach up to 30%.

E-money loan

Thanks to the active development of the Internet, it became possible to borrow not only from banks, but also from the owners of Yandex.Money and WebMoney electronic wallets. They are willing to provide loans to users. The interest on them varies and can reach up to 35%.

You can get a loan with electronic money not only from private wallet owners, but also in special online lending centers. But in any case, you will need to provide copies of your documents.


If you urgently need money, and you have valuable property, you should consider getting it at the pawnshop. You will need to leave as a security something valuable. It will be returned to you when you pay the amount taken along with interest.

It should be borne in mind that the pawnshop provides for relatively high interest rates. In addition, they double after a month. Accordingly, if you return the money for a long time, the redemption of the pledged property may already become unprofitable.


Many, not knowing where to find money, are decided to sell things and objects, without which they can do. For example, it may be clothing, jewelry, computer or home appliances, furniture, and so on. After all, for all this you can gain some good money. You can sell unnecessary items and items through the Internet or your friends. You can also go to the market.


You can get the required amount for the implementation of various work. For example, you can get a few days to distribute flyers. For such work they pay from $ 3 per hour. Special skills, except for sociability and interpersonal skills, are not required. Another option is to help unload the cars.Such work is also well paid, but it is hard. You can find another job for yourself, everything already depends on your preferences and available vacancies in the city of residence.