Where is the human liver?

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Where is the human liver?

The liver is located just below the diaphragm, to the right of the center line. It is located in the abdominal cavity. The liver is conditionally divided into two parts: right and left. In adults, a small portion of the liver extends beyond the centerline of the body. Simply put, the liver is in the right hypochondrium.

What is a liver

The liver is the largest gland of man. Its weight ranges from 1.5 to 2 kilograms. In the liver is the majority of viruses that people acquire. The fact is that the liver contains the so-called "star-shaped" cells responsible for the capture and splitting of foreign and harmful elements of various kinds. The liver differs from most organs of our body in that it circulates both arterial and venous blood. This is due to the structure of the vessels surrounding the liver. The liver produces bile, which is necessary for processing food. Also, when the blood sugar level rises, the liver begins to transform it into glycogen.Equally important is the function of detoxification. It consists in the splitting of poisons entering the body by drinking, for example, alcohol or drugs.

Causes of liver disease

The most common causes of liver disease are alcohol and viruses. Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) can be caused by poor metabolism, impaired immune system, taking certain medications, prolonged interaction with household and industrial toxins, and genetic defects. Various short-term diets for weight loss also adversely affect the functioning of the liver. Especially, if the diet consists only of active dietary supplements. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose your condition, that is, even if the liver has suffered serious damage, it still does not hurt.

If you are still an adherent of diets and strive to lose a couple of extra pounds, then you need to know the following. The normal rate of weight loss for the liver is from 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week. With a sharp and unexpected drop in weight, all fats and carbohydrates rush to the liver, forming unnecessary deposits. Such liver obesity can quickly progress to hepatitis and cirrhosis.

How to protect the liver

What does the liver "love", how to protect it from negative impact and ensure its health? For this, physicians are advised to take only reliable and proven drugs and medicines. For more than half a century, doctors have used EFL - essential phospholipids to protect the liver. These elements form the basis of the cellular membranes of the liver. EFLs are embedded in the cell membranes and enhance their protective and transport functions. About drugs containing EFL, you can ask your doctor. So you learned where the human liver is, what it is responsible for and how it functions!