Where is the hot water?

March 18, 2015
Where is the hot water?

Many are concerned about the issue of water supply. In our country almost every city can turn off the water, even in summer. Why is this happening? Where is the hot water?

In this article we will understand why turn off the hot water in winter and summer.

Shut off hot water

Immediately, we note that each city has its own characteristics of the functioning of water supply networks. In this article, we consider the general case, which is the reason for the shutdown of hot water in winter and summer. So, the main reasons for turning off hot water are:

  • repair, as well as preventive maintenance of backbone networks;
  • reconstruction of heat distribution networks;
  • preventive work, hydrotesting.

In simple terms, all these activities are the so-called preparatory stage for the heating season. There are two heating seasons, namely winter and summer. All measures aimed at maintaining the heat supply must be tested. Otherwise, the risk of accidents is extremely high.Moreover, maintenance of heating networks occurs in the districts.

That is why we often hear that the shutdown of hot water supply will occur in a particular area, and not in the whole city at once. For example, in Moscow, the organization responsible for servicing the heating network has 5,000 kilometers of pipelines. Of course, servicing such a network can take a lot of time.

Meanwhile, according to the established legislation, the duration of preventive, repair work cannot exceed 3 weeks. However, this period may be violated due to various problems in heating networks.

All this also leads to inadequate hot water quality.