Where in St. Petersburg to rent a car?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
September 5, 2017
Where in St. Petersburg to rent a car?

For an active acquaintance with the city, as well as fast and comfortable movement in St. Petersburg, you will need a good car. You can rent any car that fits your requirements at Amega Auto - http://amegacar.ru.

This young company has existed for five years, and during this period has already acquired the status of decent and reliable. Experience and reputation attract old and new customers - you can read reviews directly on the site.

For all its customers, the company offers: a fleet of high-quality and new cars, insurance and professional maintenance services, an electronic car reservation system, bonuses, favorable conditions for competition and prices for car rental with and without a driver in St. Petersburg.

Why is it profitable to rent a car here?

  • Car rental in comparison with many competitors is convenient, affordable and profitable.
  • Rent a car can private and legal entity.
  • The client is given a car in excellent technical condition, clean, comfortable, which is equipped with the necessary functions and benefits. Cars are represented by economy class and elite: you can choose any one you like and taste.
  • Cars look decent and elegant, without all kinds of stickers and logos.
  • The car can be rented without a driver or, if necessary, order the services of a professional.
  • Rental can be carried out for any period without restrictions.
  • The car will be provided immediately on the day of the call, the procedure will be processed promptly with a minimum package of documents.
  • All cars have insurance (CASCO, OSAGO, DAGO).
  • Each client is guaranteed advice from professionals and service at any desired time. The car can be received and returned at any time of the day, delivery can be carried out at a comfortable time and place.
  • Rent is made in the office, on the website of the company or by phone. You can pay in any suitable way. Regular customers are provided with programs with bonuses. Democratic rates and loyal conditions for renting a car.

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable car rental in St. Petersburg, please contact AMEGA AUTO (AMEGACAR).The company is ready to fulfill all its obligations to customers, and offers profitable and long-term cooperation to everyone. If you need a regular partner in renting a car in St. Petersburg, AMEGA AUTO is the perfect option for you!