Where in St. Petersburg to order the construction of a house from a bar?

Cozy, beautiful and modern house in the suburbs at an affordable cost - this is a real dream for many. Modern country building can offer many profitable options for every taste. If you are a resident of the northern capital, you can order a new dwelling in “Romanovsky Zodchiy” - the company builds houses from a turnkey bar cheaply in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The company provides its services since 2005. It employs a small team of professionals: the architecture and construction department, a team of carpenters and builders with extensive experience. Well coordinated work of professionals helps in a short time to design a new house and build it. Design and calculation of log cabins are made free of charge. For each client - an individual approach: we combine your wishes with modern construction opportunities, so that you get a new and comfortable housing at an affordable cost and for a short deadline.

For competent calculations of the cost of projects, a simple 6x6 house project with an attic is used. The speed of construction depends on the shrinkage process to which the tree is exposed. Based on this, the construction is divided into two stages: under shrinkage and turnkey.

Construction under shrinkage

Construction under shrinkage for houses from logs and lumber includes the following points: walls, beams of floors and floors, trusses, jute, dowel, hardware, assembly, roofing.

The frame house does not need shrinkage. Basically a closed-loop foundation is sufficient for standard construction. The set includes the creation of a frame, floor and ceiling beams, truss structures, external installation of OSB slabs, installation of windows and doors, installation of the roof.

Turnkey construction

For logs of profiled logs and lumber: installation of windows and doors and their framing, insulation of ceilings, attic and floor, filing the ceiling and attic using clapboard, flashing floors, installing stairs. Turnkey work performed after 6-10 months after shrinkage.

A frame of edged timber requires an external (clapboard, siding, etc.) and internal (drywall, timber, clapboard) finish for walls.

Decorating the walls allows you to get log houses more comfortable and warm, but at the same time, the cost and terms of final works grow.

When ordering a frame house, finishing is done immediately after the main construction of the building. Finishing the house includes the following points: the flooring of the finished floor, attic, walls and floors; installation of windproof insulation; filing ceilings and attic; exterior and interior walls; roof binder. In a frame house, heat is well kept - this is its plus and minus: good heat saving is achieved due to the fact that the walls of the frame “do not breathe”.

You can get detailed answers to all questions, develop an individual project and order construction by contacting the company's employees. "Romanovsky architect" is located in the Leningrad region, the address and telephone numbers for contacts can be found on the website.