Where was "Ivan Vasilyevich" filmed?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
February 18, 2013
Where was "Ivan Vasilyevich" filmed?

In 1972, the famous director Leonid Gayday decided to make a comedy film based on the work of Mikhail Bulgakov. Significantly reworking the source material and bringing the action closer now, Gaidai received the script of the painting "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession", which was approved with the wish not to specify the historical epoch in which the characters of the film fall. As a result, there were several places where the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession” was shot.

Shooting historical shots in Rostov-Yaroslavsky

The historical part of the film was shot not in the Moscow Kremlin, but in Rostov. The reason for this choice is quite simple - the Kremlin in Rostov-Yaroslavsky, built in 1670–1683, was erected as the residence of the metropolitan and did not carry defensive functions. Therefore, its walls were more decorative and more refined than other kremlins. Therefore, the Rostov Kremlin was best suited for filming.

Full-scale shooting in Moscow

The second part of the film was shot in Moscow.If you carefully watch the film, it is easy to notice some inconsistencies in places and urban views. This is explained by the fact that the main surveys were carried out between the Novokuznetsk metro station and Poveletskaya on Novokuznetskaya Street in the building No. 13, page 1. It was here that the authors intended the apartment Shurik. At that time, the Svetoch store was located in this building, the sign of which sometimes partially falls into the frame. But when Ivan the Terrible goes out onto the balcony of an apartment and utters his crown word “Lyapota!” He is looking at Moscow not from the high-rise building’s balcony on ul. Novokuznetsk. This is a panorama of the beginning of Kutuzovsky Avenue and the Moscow River, taken from a high-rise on New Abrat, then called Kalininsky Avenue. On the nature of the driveways were taken down the street ambulance, Yakin's car and the police. Their journey was filmed on Povarskaya Street, Kalininsky Avenue and Borodinsky Bridge.

Another place where they filmed “Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession” was Odessa, where a small fragment of the film was shot, in which Zina sings “Love to meet” on the seashore.

Studio shooting at Mosfilm

All other shootings were made in the studio pavilion.For this, decorators built 16 separate objects on 1428 m2 of the pavilion, among which were 6 chambers of Ivan the Terrible and 10 modern places, including Shurik’s apartment, Shpak’s apartment, a landing, a dental office, an entrance on the 1st floor, an elevator.

This is how the famous film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession” was created, the filming of which was completed on April 12, 1973. And on September 21, the film began its triumphant march across movie screens, bringing deafening fame to its creator, Leonid Gaidai.