When can I have sex after an abortion?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
November 30, 2012

In the article we will look at when you can have sex after an abortion. There are two ways to terminate pregnancy - surgical and medical. Each has its own characteristics and possible complications, so hurry with the resumption of sexual activity is not worth it. After termination of pregnancy, the doctor must examine the genitals, make an ultrasound examination and smear analysis. If all the results are normal, you can resume intimate life. The period from which you can have sex after an abortion, depends on the method of termination of pregnancy.

Surgical abortion

This method causes severe injuries of the mucous membrane of the reproductive organs. It takes from several weeks to several months to restore it. Often after such an intervention, especially in the later stages, inflammatory reactions develop. This is due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene during rehabilitation.In such a situation, sexual intercourse can harm the health of a woman. Most often, after surgical abortion, intimate relationships are resolved in 1-1.5 months and always after the onset of menstruation.

Pharmacological abortion

This is a chemical or medical abortion. Sex after such an abortion is allowed from 2 weeks after the first menstruation. This method is safer and less traumatic, so modern doctors prefer it. After taking the drug begins heavy bleeding, like menstrual. The cervix expands and mucosal detachment begins. During this period there is a huge risk of infection. With the resumption of sexual intercourse, pain and discomfort can be observed. Over time, these sensations will disappear.

Having learned from our article about when you can have sex after an abortion, remember that a visit to a gynecologist before this is a must.