When to get married?

Marriage has always been considered a very serious step. At all times for the wedding began to prepare in advance, the holiday for those who marry or marries tried to make pompous and memorable. But the age of the bride and groom at different times and in different cultures is very different. When to marry, it was usually not the bride who decided, but customs, faith and public opinion.

The best age of the bride

In the east, it is customary for the bride to be as young as possible. The average number of newlywed years in Arab countries is 10-12. Moreover, they have no limit on the age at which a girl can marry. That is, the father according to the laws of Sharia, has the right to give the daughter to the groom almost from birth. Sometimes they do. However, such marriages are usually just a ceremony. The newlywed enters the house of the groom from the age of nine. She learns to run a household, to be a wife, and only later comes into an intimate relationship with her already familiar husband. But no one checks compliance with these conditions, which is why the number of deaths from early childbirth is so high in Oman.

If you look north, the age of the bride increases significantly. In Finland, Sweden and Norway, the normal, average newlywed married 27–29 years old. Women, like men, want to build a family with wealth, to put children on their feet. And this requires some stability and reliable income.

In general, the hotter the climate in her homeland, the earlier the girl becomes a wife and mother. It has been observed that in countries with a hot sun, women grow old earlier, apparently, therefore, they tend to get their offspring faster and arrange their short youth.

Ask a psychologist

If you look at the task objectively and substantiate the most optimal age of the bride, then psychological readiness comes to the fore. The maturation of girls is an ambiguous and uneven process. Some are ready for family life early, at 18 years old, and some will not be able to feel happy in marriage even after 25. How to determine the age after which a girl is ready to become a wife and when is it better to get married?

If a girl dreams of a wedding, it does not mean that she is ready to become a wife. It only means that she is ready to become a bride.But after the wedding you need to live a large part of life. Therefore, it is necessary to think about whether she will spoil her own?

The first task that you need to perform before making a decision about marriage. Close your eyes and imagine yourself a wife. You need to try to live a virtual day in the role of a married young lady. Let the imagination have everything that a future couple has: their own (someone else's) apartment, work, joint pastime. Sometimes at this stage there are white spots: the bride can not imagine this or that event. It is important to think why? Perhaps the groom will not act according to a fictional scenario? After all, he, too, somehow represents a joint life, and it is possible that in a different way.

And of course, you should try to honestly answer each other's important questions. Do young people want children? Who will keep the budget? Otherwise very cruel disappointments are possible.

Choosing an opportune moment

If the wedding is to be young, confident in their decision, it is important to choose a good date. When can I get married so that further life is successful?

If faith matters, it is important not to set the wedding day for the duration of the fast. Especially if the young are planning a wedding.In addition, there are non-fasting days when the church does not perform the rite. Therefore, it is worth asking in advance whether it is possible to get married on the appointed day.

Some prejudices prescribe not to marry in a leap year. Recall that the leap was 2012. Next, it is 2016, 2020.

When can I get married? We know exactly what day in Russia was considered the most favorable for "diving" into the pool of family relations. This is the first Sunday after Easter. Long since, this holiday was called the “Red Hill”.

In addition, the influence of the moon on the choice of the wedding day is very great. The lunar calendar must be compiled specifically for a particular month of a particular year. According to this calendar, you can marry only on favorable days.

But if the bride and groom love each other, no prejudice can spoil their marriage. Therefore, count the days, choose favorable - but do not change your plans to please all kinds of superstitions.