What zodiac sign suits Raku?

January 24, 2015
What zodiac sign suits Raku?

Quite a lot of people have met their soul mate, but doubt the correctness of their choice, so they turn to horoscopes to see how long their union will last and whether they are compatible according to the signs of the zodiac. To do this, you must have a basic knowledge of the signs of the zodiac.

For example, many are looking for which zodiac sign suits cancer. To understand this difficult question, consider the best options for crayfish.

What zodiac signs fit cancer

Among all the signs of the zodiac, five are best for cancer.


Always ambitious and determined. Because of this, Capricorns pay little attention to crayfish and romance. However, Capricorns always provide stability and consistency, which is important in relationships for many people.


They always surround their half with care, comfort and luxury, because they themselves need it. Cancers feel as good as possible in this setting, which has a positive effect on relationships. That is why a real strong ideal family can grow out of such a union.

a lion

Is a strong leader in everything. He will be a great help in the case, however, the relationship will be difficult. Lions support emotionally in everything, but until they get bored. Jealousy, resentment, and discontent with cancer can destroy the union.


Virgo and cancer can create a completely permanent and strong union, however, in a relationship there can be constant dissatisfaction with the lack of passion. But this will not prevent the cancers and the virgins from living with a smile on their lips, hiding their discontent inside and not attaching special significance to it.


The best union is the union of fish and cancer. Both are water marks, emotional and will complement each other.

All other signs of the zodiac are considered unsuitable for union with crayfish due to cancer's emotionality and idealism.