What you need to know the tourist

Regardless of whether you are traveling in a familiar and safe European country, or going on a trip to exotic places, you need to remember a number of universal rules.
Take care before you travel about good travel insurance. Ask the insurance agent in detail what exactly the risks are covered by the insurance, whether the loss of baggage will be compensated, and whether it is possible to get dental care under the insurance policy. An employee of an insurance company may not immediately tell about all the nuances, but must answer questions honestly and in detail. Do not skimp on insurance. Believe me, this is not the case when you can save.
Think about keeping money while traveling. If you have a plastic deposit card - great. It is better to have several cards from different banks. There are not rare cases when the card is suddenly blocked, if you have withdrawn a large amount, or an ATM decides not to issue your golden visa gold back. Have a couple of fallback options for this case.Be sure to take cash with you so that you can pay off a taxi than to buy water at the nearest kiosk until you find the ATM you need.
Make copies of passports and tickets. Place them separately from the documents. It would be nice to send copies of documents in electronic form to your mail. Even if absolutely everything is stolen from you in a foreign country, the local police will help you to get to your embassy, ​​and your passports will be much faster and easier to restore your existing copies.
Spend a little time and learn at least the basic rules and customs of those countries where you are going. For example, in many Asian countries, screaming and raising your voice means losing face. If you are unhappy with something and yell at the staff in a cafe or hotel, then most likely your requirements will be met. But respect you will cease once and for all. And will continue to be treated accordingly. In many Muslim countries, women should not walk around in mini-skirts, and men very closely look at the figure in the hijab. In India you should not hurry and fuss, otherwise you will be considered an unserious, empty person.
If you are flying by plane, in addition to documents and books on the road, take in hand luggage a set of spare clothes, medicines that you regularly need, glasses and valuables. Even the most famous and prestigious airline can not boast that she never lost passenger baggage. Usually, luggage is sooner or later, but in the meantime underwear, glasses and headache pills will be very helpful.
Do not try on the first day upon arrival in a new place to try all the dishes of exotic cuisine at once. Get used to the local cuisine gradually, do not rape the body. And do not drink too much alcohol at least the first 2-3 days.
In the plane, drink more water. The body in flight spends a lot of fluid. On average, every hour you need to drink at least a glass of water.
Observe basic safety rules. Do not wear on holiday all the best at once. Leave home gold chains, rings, bracelets, designer pants and stunning bags. Do not give an extra reason for thieves and scammers. Decide what is more important to you - the world to see or to show yourself? Do not let in your room, bungalow, house, compartment unfamiliar people.If you with these people sat cheerfully at one table in a cafe yesterday, they should not move from the category of unfamiliar to the category of “friends forever”.
And the main rule in the journey, which even the most advanced tourists often forget for some reason - enjoy. Learn to enjoy everything new and unusual, what you see, hear, try, feel for the first time. Appreciate every moment, treat any transport delays, changes in plans easily and calmly, as a funny adventure.