What kind of woman do men like?

Tastes differ! If we talk about preferences in appearance, then we can confidently say that men like women different. About such preferences can be read in the article. But to the traits of character and the peculiarities of the behavior of women in all men, the requirements are almost universal. Let's try to figure out which women like men and how to behave in order to cause sincere interest in the opposite sex.

What do men appreciate in the behavior of women?

First of all, a woman should be sincere, that is, real. No need to try on different masks. If the lady is slightly arrogant, then you shouldn't try to look like a simpleton. If a girl is laughable, then you shouldn't let yourself be serious. That is, it is impossible to play a role to please a man. Naturalness is the main thing that attracts a man to a woman. Here are the other qualities and behaviors that are attractive to men:

  • Goodwill Men, of course, conquerors (in fact).However, they prefer to conquer those who really want it. Therefore, the benevolent attitude of a woman always gives a man an additional chance, which he necessarily uses if he wishes.
  • Self sufficiency. A woman should behave with calm dignity. You do not need to be overly confident, but make it clear that you know the price for yourself, you need to be able to.
  • Tolerance. The ability to accept a man as he is, without trying to change him, or, especially, frank criticism or reproach.
  • The ability to support. To like a man, a woman must support a man in his endeavors.
  • Caring. It is unobtrusive care, and not excessive guardianship that places a man to a woman.
  • Confidence in his strength and capabilities. Men do not like it when women are smarter, stronger and more successful. To like a man, you should not demonstrate their superiority over him.

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What type of women attracts men?

To find out what type of women men like, let's conditionally divide all women into three main types that are attractive to men.

The Snow Queen

Beautiful, inaccessible and cold woman. This type is attractive for men because it wakes up the desire to conquer, conquer and melt the ice in the heart of the beautiful Snow Queen. Just not every one of them dares to conquer. And if you show interest, then, most likely, to amuse your self-esteem: that's what woman I won! Often many do not see such a woman in the role of their life partner.


Pretty, cheerful, active, optimistic. Or pretty, thoughtful, feminine, calm and kind. Most often, these women enjoy increased male attention.

Gray mouse

This type of women, pale and modest, also attracts men. Showing interest in such women, men see themselves as sculptors, capable of carving out a stone work of art. They marry such women, being sure that the modest and imperceptible wife will be a faithful and reliable companion all her life.

What to do to like men?

It would seem that everything is clear: you need to be natural, feminine, kind and beautiful. And then there was no question what women like men more. However, this is not enough.Psychologists have identified several of the most direct ways to seduce men.

  1. Praise him and give him compliments. Men like it, and none of them will remain indifferent to the praise. Moreover, a man will want to constantly see a woman next to him who tells him how good, sexy, beautiful, intelligent and strong he is.
  2. Become a necessity for him - a person with whom he is easy and comfortable, with whom he likes to communicate, one with whom you can share both grief and joy. And be sure to let him understand that you are with him is also very good.
  3. Be sexually attractive. This does not mean that you need to stick out your sexuality. You just need to learn to be well-groomed, desired, a little flirty. And most importantly, that the "eye was burning"!

Now you know what kind of woman men like.