What to wear?

For the first time the jacket appeared in 1928. At that time, she had nothing to do with fashion. The fitted leather jacket with a slanting coarse zipper was designed to ride a motorcycle, but it was widely used by the military of various armies.

A little later, having slightly changed, the black jacket began to appear in the wardrobes of many young men and women, and today this jacket has become one of the most trendy wardrobe items for both men and women. Despite the rather rough appearance, there are many options for what to wear a jacket. With this jacket you can create thousands of bright and stylish images.

Rocker style

To create a bright and aggressive image with the help of a jacket, leather jackets are a snap, especially since spikes, crosses, chains and rocker prints are relevant this season. It is enough to put on ripped jeans, a bright T-shirt and throw on a leather jacket. Shoes can be picked up both in heels and on a flat sole. By the way, high-heeled shoes with leather jackets look very contrasting and stylish. If the choice fell on shoes with flat soles, let it be rough shoes, moccasins or spiked slippers. The bag is better to choose a contrasting color is quite large.

In men, the options of what to wear a jacket with a leather jacket are much less. The most stylish and brutal leather jacket looks with jeans, T-shirts and turtlenecks. As accessories you can use watches and leather bracelets.

Contrast images

Skinny dresses with leather leather jacket look interesting and interesting. Special attention should be paid to dresses with a geometric pattern with a sleeve to the elbow. For such an image, clutches of large sizes, bracelets and watches in men's style will be ideal accessories. It is possible to emphasize these accessories, slightly tightening the sleeves of leather jackets and exposing the wrists.

Strict images

At first glance, it seems that the pencil skirt is not at all the appropriate version of what to wear a leather leather jacket, but in fact it turns out quite the opposite. Strict skirt, shirt, studs and leather jacket, especially short, harmoniously complement each other and attract attention.

You can replace the skirt with trousers-pipes, the image will become less feminine, but no less interesting. Trousers with arrows, a men's hat, a strict shirt and a leather jacket will make an incredibly colorful and at the same time a strict image.

Romantic style

In anticipation of spring in the wardrobe of many girls appeared women's jacket. With what to wear this piece of clothing so that it looks stylish, already know most of the fashionable women. But there is another option that, at first glance, seems to be not quite appropriate, which is completely in vain. Rough leather jackets are perfectly combined with light and romantic dresses. This contrast emphasizes women's fragility and brings some chic to the look. You can wear a leather jacket with one-colored dresses, with products with a floral print, with multi-layer dresses made from lightweight materials.

Bright, small clutches, shoes and ankle boots with heels, a modest necklace and colorful sunglasses perfectly complement the romantic look with a leather jacket.

Color spectrum

Today, the stores are a variety of color options kosuh. If you have to buy this stylish thing, think a few times before you make the final choice. Of course, bright colors look spectacular, but the options for combining them with other items of clothing becomes much smaller. It is better to dwell on the classic black version; it is this color that underlines the entire chic of this model of leather jacket.

As you can see, the options of how to wear a leather jacket, a lot.The leather jacket looks harmoniously with both the rocker wardrobe elements and light romantic dresses. Wearing a leather jacket only once, you do not want to part with this bold and bright piece of clothing! Good luck in your experiments and inspiration for creating new, bold images!