What to wear a skirt in winter?

In winter, many girls prefer to wear skirts, not pants or jeans. However, each woman must be able to wear skirts in cold weather. This will help not freeze, feel comfortable and not get sick. At the same time, you will learn how to look stylish in any weather. So, find out what to wear with a skirt in winter, as well as what to wear under the skirt to feel comfortable.

What outerwear to choose

Most often, the need to pick up a coat or any other outerwear under the skirt makes the girls refuse to wear them in the winter season. However, choosing the top is not so difficult. The main principle of selection is as follows: the longer the skirt, the shorter the outerwear should be. In order to always have the opportunity to wear virtually any skirt in winter, you need to acquire just a few options for outerwear:

  • Short knitted jacket. These jackets are made of large viscous and have a wool fleece inside, so they look somewhat volumetric.However, such jackets can be worn with absolutely any skirts: with a pencil skirt, bell skirt, maxi skirt, denim skirt of any length. In winter, such an image can also be supplemented by throwing a thick matte tippet over a jacket.
  • Trench Under a warm trench coat, you can wear a skirt of almost any style, with the exception of maxi and radical mini. The latter should not be worn at all in the winter season, no matter what warm clothing from above.
  • Long fur coat or maxi coat. In winter, under these things you can “hide” absolutely any skirt, since your legs will not freeze, and besides this, you will be able to avoid stylistic dissonance. Only in such a situation should pay attention to the fabric from which the skirt is made: the material should not be summer.
  • Short down jacket. Under such a top, you should always wear only warm skirts. For the winter, practically every girl gets a short down jacket. It is worth considering that wearing such a combination with a skirt is recommended only for young and slim young ladies.

What skirts to wear in winter

Of course, a maxi-skirt is best for winter. She allows to protect legs as much as possible from cold.It should be noted that any winter long skirt should end on the knees or to the ankle, but not lower. Otherwise, you will have a soiled hem, which will definitely not give you beauty. For such a skirt is preferable to choose a short top. This may be a short sheepskin coat or insulated short coat. Lovers of any styles of skirts should always remember that beauty is important, but own health is even more important! Therefore, always avoid very short skirts in cold winter weather.

What to wear under a skirt in winter

This question is no less important than the previous one. Your beauty, comfort and health will depend on the type of insulation that you choose. So, in the winter season you can wear socks, warm tights and leggings under your skirt. Of course, to wear leggings or socks is appropriate only with short skirts. Leggings are best to select monochromatic, you can even clearly in the color of the skirt. But socks can contrast with the skirt in color, as long as their colors are in harmony with each other. Very stylish look socks with stripes, cage, diamonds in combination with a black short skirt in the form of a bell.Tights are suitable for skirts of any length. It is best to buy for the winter tights with a density of at least 60 den, so they will not let you freeze.

Well, now you know how to look beautiful in winter. Many of the women say that the pants are more practical, but, unfortunately, they do not make us more feminine. Stylish warm comfortable skirt - what you need a modern woman in the cold season.