What to wear to a party?

Every woman is born to shine. Each of us wants to look decent, especially when it comes to a celebration or a club party. Fashion changes quickly, but we do not always have time to chase it. But this is not a problem for us, because today we will learn what to wear to a party to look charming.


Never wear too shiny outfits on corporate parties. Give up lurex, sequins and other sparkles. Too bright flickering things are meant for nightclubs. Also refuse very frank, causing dresses and bright accessories.

You will look great in an office celebration in a strict elegant suit or in a luxurious classic dress. To make your image sexy, but not lecherous, put on a little black dress, red or white jacket and pearl threads on your neck. If you want to win over male employees, you can wear black trousers in combination with a black or white shirt made from silk of a male cut. Fur backgrounds will perfectly complement this outfit.

Party with friends

With friends we feel free and relaxed, so we do not need a well-defined format. You can experiment with clothes as you like, friends are the very people who can appreciate your style. Just remember that your image should correspond to a specific place of the event. If this is a restaurant, wear evening dresses, if nature is for sports, if a nightclub is what you want.

Family party

What to wear to a party with your family? There is no need for a long time to get out, think better about the convenience of your clothes. Let your things be soft - velvet, velor, cashmere or velvet. These fabrics look solemn and somehow cozy. If you are the hostess, then the dishes should be served in a beautiful clean apron.

Party of the 90s: What to wear

In the 90s, bright leggings were at the height of fashion. Especially raspberry, turquoise, yellow, etc. In Russia, the trendsetter has become a group of "Combination". They look great long black, or any other color T-shirt with Mickey Mouse.

Jackets were worn with shoulder pads, so that the shoulders looked wider than the pelvis.Jeans, bananas and jeans Malvina, T-shirts of the same bright colors, like leggings, skirts above the knee in the form of a bell, moccasins on his feet, you can consider all this as a dress for a party of the 90s. Add to this a little more ruches, stand-up collar and be on top!

What to wear for the New Year's party

If the event in honor of the New Year provides for a masquerade, then you have nothing to worry about, put on a fancy dress and do not break your head. But if not? Meeting this holiday at home, it is not necessary to strain yourself, dressing up, but a party in a stylish place requires chic outfits from us.

What to wear at the New Year's party

Whatever you choose: dress, pants, skirt, the most important thing is that you look stylish and tasteful. You can wear a banal dress, and you can dress up just stunning, it all depends on you, your imagination and the degree of the complex. New Year gives us a wide choice - it could be anything, but within reason.

If you wish, you can match the sign of the eastern calendar of the coming year. They say it has a beneficial effect on your luck next year. For example, 2013 is the year of the black dragon, so it is better to wear shiny black dresses or dark dresses dotted with sequins. All deep colors are suitable, fabrics are better than silk and satin.

Rock Party: What to wear

Here is a list of suitable things:

  • Leather Jacket
  • T-shirt
  • Bandana
  • Rivet shirt
  • Spiked Belt
  • Studded bracelet
  • Leather pants
  • Backpack
  • Bertsy
  • Faded jeans with holes
  • Black not glamorous boots

All this can be supplemented with mohawk, chains, tattoos, long hair and a guitar.

What you can wear to a party in a nightclub

Darkness, motion, ultraviolet, bright light rays. From this darkness every girl wants to stand out. And bright clothes will help you in this.

The outfits with sparkles, rhinestones, embroidery with fashionable threads, etc. look great in the club. White clothes just “glow” under UV lamps.

Examples of club dresses:

  • Short shorts with a long and tight tunic or T-shirt. A special charm gives the image of a tunic, which can almost close the shorts. And, of course, shoes should be heeled. Option for fragile slender girls.
  • Top and tight pants. Top is better with beads or rhinestones. The pants have a shiny belt and high-heeled shoes.
  • Top with a skirt. Especially if the skirt is multi-layered and short. You’ll get the style of a naughty girl who can’t help but attract the attention of the opposite sex.Complement this all with thin shiny bracelets so that they become a highlight.
  • Beautiful dresses are always relevant at any party. No matter how tight they are, the main thing is that they are selected with taste. The length is important. It should be small to open the turned legs to the world. Never risk wearing a club dress or a skirt below the knee - this is a very bad idea. You do not want to feel too constrained?
  • Spacious shirt (better if in a cage) and leggings are also a great option for club attire. In particular, if you do not want to open your body.

The main thing is to keep in mind that the clubs are very crowded and hot, so clothes should be light and comfortable.

Hawaiian party

If you are going to the Hawaiian party, then do not hesitate to reach your most beautiful swimsuit. Well, if it will be a motley color or even several bright shades.

Do not want a swimsuit? Wear a bright cheerful top and a hula skirt. The skirt can be made from grass or bought in a special store from artificial material.

What To Wear At A Hawaiian Party

Flower garland, beads from seashells and flower bracelets will complement the outfit.Make yourself a bandage of flowers and for the head, you can also fasten them on a swimsuit or top.

pirate Party

So, you are a pirate daughter, you are the real queen of the seas. You have to look bold, wild and brave. No femininity! Now only rum, treasure hunts and sea battles.

You can rent a suit. Or redo any items from your personal wardrobe. With your own hands you can make a saber of cardboard, a black bandage for one eye. Since you, nevertheless, girl, wear a short black or red dress with a fluffy skirt, tights with a large mesh and high boots in black. And, of course, do not forget the pirate hat.

Now you know what to wear to a party. Photos of girls in bathing suits, floral or fluffy tops, pirate costumes, cocktail dresses, rocker trousers, etc. Let them be your inspiration.