What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

Valentine's Day is a story about love, hearts, red and seduction, and also a legal excuse to spend money on an attire that will turn on all eyes. We noticed that designers today are just obsessed with cuts and approach them boldly and creatively, so now the definition of “sexy dress” includes not only a mini with a deep neckline, but also other original styles of dresses - with an open back, with low shoulders, with a high slit or many "special" holes. It was from this trend that we decided to start in search of a dress for St. Valentine's Day, and collected in one collection 8 variants of seductive and non-trivial dresses that are best suited for dating, and found the right decorations for them.

Dress on one shoulder

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

Dress on one shoulder Likely ($ 198)Sadko ring with Swarovski crystals (order online)

This dress seems to be made tofrom time to time to free up their inner Kim Kardashian and wear clothes that require courage, along with narcissism, are open, tight and very sexy.

What jewelry to wear?On a beige background, silverware and jewelery in white gold are lost, but large jewelery in yellow and rose gold, on the contrary, come forward and look like glare of sunlight on the skin.

Dress with a slit


 Earrings with diamonds and rubies SL (order online);

A long dress with a high slit is no longer just an outfit, but a real symbol. Wedding, graduation or even everyday, it can make an impression, and if you have not yet found your model, then it's time to start looking.

What jewelry to wear?If the reason obliges, with long and spectacular earrings - those that "save" their luxurious presence, even the simplest hairstyle and the complete absence of other decorations.

Velvet dress

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

Shein Velvet Dress ($ 14)SL earrings with cubic zirconias, synthetic spinels and rubies (order online)

Velvet dresses are the main heroes of this season's parties and impeccable "wand-baits" for those occasions,when you want to look dazzling, without putting too much effort into it.

What jewelry to wear?With ornaments with stones of deep and rich hues, to emphasize the “thoroughbred” origin of velvet as a material for special occasions.


What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

Ring SL with diamonds and rubies (order online)Nasty Gal Dress Top (5 893 rub.)

This dress can come up with a lot of “use” options depending on how many buttons you can fasten: turn into a top with jeans and jackboots, wear a cape over a light blouse or a long dress with a wool cardigan and ankle boots.

What jewelry to wear?With jewelry or jewelry on the theme of nature or the animal world, to complement the meaning of floral print on the dress.

Sweater dress

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

BCBG Max Azria Dress Sweater ($ 178)ring SL with rubies (order online)

Who would have thought that a knitted sweater dress in a dark blue color can look sexier than any open dress with no neckline or any decorative lures.

What jewelry to wear?With those who are able to focus all attention on themselves and are exaggerated in size - the calm tint of the dress and its style quite allow this neighborhood.

Dress with holes

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

pendant Sergey Gribnyakov silver with zirconia and ceramics (order online)

Modern fashion loves to play in the unity of opposites: closed and open, sporty and festive, feminine and manly. We have no questions to this dress, but there is a suggestion - to pick up shoes to play in contrast to hooligans.

What jewelry to wear?With decorations in black and white colors, including ceramics, which look conservative and at the same time quite modern.

Dress with open shoulders

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

Keepsake Off Shoulder Dress ($ 190)SL earrings with cubic zirconia and synthetic sapphires (order online)

This outfit is associated with us in the spring, as well as the holiday itself on February 14, and reminds us that the pink color has returned to fashion and it remains only to decide on its most beloved shade.

What jewelry to wear?With decorations with stones of all shades of pink color, because on the catwalks there appears not only pastel pink, but also other derivatives of the pink scale.

Sweatshirt dress

What to wear for February 14? 8 open (moderately!) Dresses + decorations

SJYP Steve J & Yoni P Sweatshirt Dress (£ 225)SL earrings with pearls and cubic zirconias (order online)

If it were not for the ingenious cuts with ruffles, then it would be quite an ordinary "home" dress,but at the expense of extraordinary design, it looks impressive, even in combination with sports shoes.

What jewelry to wear?With pearls in a minimalist style to play on the contrast of the bully style of the dress and the traditional look of the jewelry.