What to wear full women?

Ladies of large build, with a strong figure or a small amount of excess weight can look very attractive and beautiful if they choose for themselves a suitable wardrobe. You should not buy the most fashionable or what everyone wears, it is better to look at the peculiarities of your figure and choose what goes directly to you. We offer several general recommendations on the choice of clothes for obese women: they will help you to create a stylish and comfortable wardrobe.


  • The dress is better to choose a medium length: the mini will look bad, and the maxi will give the figure heaviness.
  • It will look good motley clothes in a small pattern - such prints visually make the figure more elegant, remove the "extra". You should not choose a dress with one large pattern.
  • The fabric is thick and soft, avoid gravity and roughness. Well suited silk, linen, cotton.
  • The best cut - semi-adjacent.
  • V-shaped cut-out is recommended for dresses and blouses - it will accentuate the chest well and lengthen the neck.
  • With massive arms and large shoulders, it is better to choose dresses with sleeves.In the offseason, you can choose the sleeve ¾ - it looks harmoniously on full hands.

If we mainly wear dresses on the way out, we prefer comfortable dressing gowns for the house. In general, recommendations for the choice of dressing gowns are the same as for the choice of dresses. For the house you can buy not only beautiful bathrobes, but also neat tunics and pants, as well as shirts. A good selection of home clothes at reasonable prices can be found at http://www.domtrik.ru/bolshie-razmery.


The length criteria are the same as for dresses, it is best to pick up to the middle of the knees, a little higher or lower. Skirts of the “pencil” style look great - they harmoniously fit mouth-watering hips and give legs harmony. You can also choose products from dense fabrics of good straight cut or loose, but not too lush skirts.

Jeans, pants and trouser suits

This dress is best suited classic cut. Avoid skinny models and low waist. Good looking will be semi-fit pants, moderately narrowed, slightly flared.

Vests and jackets can be bundled with a suit, they can also be selected separately. Such garments should end in the middle of the hips or buttocks.This length removes attention from the abdomen and slightly expands the hips visually, which is useful for an apple figure.

As for the color range for such things, it is better to choose a single color, and not necessarily black. Properly chosen light or color shade will give more beauty and elegance - look after them individually.


If the shape and health allows, it is better to choose shoes with heels: it looks good strong and thick, moderately long heels. It is convenient to walk on such people, they visually stretch the figure and give it femininity.

Selecting a wardrobe, first of all you need to evaluate your figure, its pros and cons. Thus, full ladies are often shy of large abdomen, buttocks and thighs, but as undoubted advantages one can single out a beautiful large chest, mouth-watering wrists and a feminine ankle line.