What to wear a fur coat?

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What to wear a fur coat?

Previously, fur coats were worn exclusively with outfits that were appropriate for their status - exquisite, luxurious - but today the list of permissible combinations of items of clothing has expanded significantly.

You can easily wear a fur coat with virtually any clothes and shoes, accessories.

How to wear a fur coat: two important rules

  • The first rule when choosing clothes, shoes and jewelry, accessories for wearing with a fur coat is a combination of styles. So, too brutal things will, at least, look strange in tandem with a tender rabbit, a pretentious mink. Especially if it will be long models decorated with rhinestones, lace, intricate elegant buttons. Not always successfully with such things will be combined and Mouton fur coat, but there may still be exceptions.
  • The second rule is the observance of proportions. Long products will not go to short people, very thin young ladies will be lost on the background of massive fluffy coats, and women with weighty virtues are unlikely to feel comfortable in short fur coats that barely cover the hips.

For the rest, you can rely solely on your idea of the beautiful and stylish.

What to wear with a fur coat: clothes

Depending on where exactly you are going to wear a fur coat, it can be supplemented with suitable clothing.

  • Dress (long, to the floor or, on the contrary, short). It can be both an evening option, and a daily model.
  • Skirt (can be both maxi and mini or midi). You can give preference to a narrow model - a pencil skirt, you can wear a very fluffy skirt. The product can be strict, minimalist in decoration or very colorful - decorated with variegated embroidery, rhinestones or sequins, openwork logging.
  • Pullover. Feel free to wear elegant and feminine models, and a littlefur coatstretched and slightly faded sweaters a la "took the vilify from the guy." Under the sweater, you can easily wear a shirt, tank top or turtleneck. And it will be more interesting if these products will look out from under a sweater.
  • Pants. The easiest option - classic pants that fit perfectly on your figure. They can be narrow or flared, with a regular or high waist. But, given the current trends, it is quite possible to wear with bold fur and bold pants in a grunge style. Of course, in this case it is better to give preference to short sheepskin coats than to wear a mink coat to the floor.Also, as an option, you can try to combine brutal things with neat fur coats for every day from nutria, chanterelles.
  • Capri, breeches. These products can also be worn with coats, but only with short ones. Moreover, this combination will look better on ladies with long legs, as these coats visually shorten the lower limbs.
  • Jeans. An excellent choice would be skinny models - narrow, tight-fitting legs along the entire length (leggings can also be chosen). Such things are very convenient to combine with other clothes, as they have a neat, concise cut and stylistic intelligence. Also, you may well prefer and classic jeans or wide jeans pants.

As regards colors, there are no restrictions other than the standard rulefur coatclothes more than 3 tones, no. Moreover, black and brown fur products are perfectly combined with the overwhelming majority of other shades, which speaks in favor of their versatility.

As for what to wear with a white fur coat, there is also a lot of variations, as the white color is very friendly with respect to other colors. The only thing you will need to pay attention to is the quality of the clothes that you will wear under a fur coat.Light lining after the first socks can be painted in black, blue, red and other colors, if your sweater / blouse / blouse / jeans are made of low-quality material.

The same applies to those bags with which you are going to wear a light-colored fur coat. Generally, white clothes, although it looks very solemn, but requires very serious care and careful attitude.

What to wear with a fur coat: shoes

As well as in the choice of clothes, in terms of shoes there are not too many restrictions. And the fact with which shoes to wear a fur coat will depend on its length, your height and the event to which you are going to go in this kit.

  • Women of short stature are better to wear elongated coats with high-heeled shoes. The low heel is allowable at any height if you wear a short fur coat. With long coats, only tall women can afford to wear shoes without stilettos.
  • Of course, for more solemn events, it is better to wear more elegant, refined shoe models. For every day, unpretentious (half-) shoes, ankle boots or boots, loafers or moccasins are fine (if we are talking about a set for early autumn or late spring).Ballet flats may not look too good - it will workfur coatvery overloaded top and �empty� bottom. But if the coat is very, very thin, short (preferably also with shortened sleeves ¾), then such shoes will also work.
  • Thinking about what kind of boots to wear with a fur coat, stop the choice either on high models (up to the knee) with a soldier's heel and straight leg tops, or on beautiful boots with a high heel. For winter, a wedge will be a good alternative to the hairpin - on the one hand, it will allow you to �get taller�, and on the other, it will provide more or less comfortable movement in the snow. Blowed boots and other sports-style models will not fit every fur coat, and therefore, in order not to risk it, combine such shoes with down jackets.
  • If you want to create a hooligan style, then boldly wear fur along with rolled up jeans and ... sneakers. This is one of the great choices of what to wear with a short fur coat, not too voluminous and not too thick / warm.

What to wear with a fur coat: accessories

"Make friends" fur product with the clothes you need will help various accessories: hats, scarves and shawls, bags, belts, glasses, beads and earrings, watches, etc.fur coat

For example, to make the fur coat look cool with sneakers, complement the image with a rocker t-shirt or sweater, ultra-stylish glasses with mirrored or interesting colored glasses, a clutch on a shoulder strap or a backpack, a sports-style hat. A short but wide chain can be put on the neck, and a watch with a large dial and a long strap twisted around the wrist several times on the arm.