What to see in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the brightest cities not only in Turkey, but in the whole world. Due to its centuries-old history, today this city is very popular among tourists from all over the world. Once the capital of the Christian empire, then the capital of the Muslim, today Istanbul is a city, ready to everyone who came to show their beautiful historical sights.

So that before the trip there are no questions about what to see in Istanbul, it will be useful to read our article and learn about the most important sights of this delightful city.

Hagia Sophia or Hagia Sophia

One of the main attractions of Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia, built in 537 year. Until the 15th century, it was the center of Orthodoxy, the temple with the largest dome in the world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque, having completed four minarets. Today it is a beautiful museum, the interior of which delights everyone.

Basilica Cistern

To store drinking water supplies by the Greeks in Constantinople, a huge reservoir was built underground.Decorated with 336 columns, this landmark is striking splendor and power. Columns are illuminated from below, creating a sense of mystery.

Topkapi Palace

The love story of the beautiful Roksolana and Suleiman the Magnificent originates in Topkapi Palace - the center of the Ottoman Empire. Here the sultans and their beloved wives spent hours of rest. Today, the palace contains the famous collections of armor, weapons, clothing, porcelain, jewelry.

Blue Mosque - Sultanahmet Mosque

To visit Istanbul and not to see this heritage of history, architecture and culture is unforgivable. The Blue Mosque is considered the symbol of Istanbul. It is surprising that the mosque has six minarets, not four, as is customary. This is the most beautiful and majestic center of the Muslim faith in the city with a magnificent interior decoration. The painting, stained glass, the beauty of the interior is impressive and attracts the eye. The Blue Mosque is not just an architectural monument, it still functions today. Believers can not only enjoy her beauty, but also pray.

Galata Tower

Istanbul is a beautiful city, you can see its panoramic view from the 61-meter tower, built in the 14th century and located near the city of Galata.To the top of the old tower you can get on a modern elevator.

Dolmabahche Palace

The Dolmabahche Palace, made in the Baroque style, not typical of Istanbul, was built under Sultan Abdul-Medzhd I as a residence, in exchange for Topkapi, which he did not like. It represents a whole complex of palaces, halls and pavilions. Only 14 tons of gold were used for the interior decoration. Since 2007, the palace - the residence of the Prime Minister of Turkey, but there are halls, access to which is open to tourists. Famous works of art are kept here: a collection of paintings by Aivazovsky, which the Sultan himself ordered, a chic chandelier made of Bohemian crystal - a gift from Queen Victoria.

Independence Avenue

Arriving in Istanbul, you should definitely take some time to stroll or drive on the old antique tram Nostalgie on the pedestrian Istiklal Street - Independence Avenue. It will immerse you in the atmosphere of Turkey of the 19th century.

Travel to Istanbul will leave unforgettable impressions and memories. Tourists come here from all over the world, at any time of the year. After all, winter in Turkey is the same as a cold summer in Russia.Therefore, the question of what to see in Istanbul in the winter should not arise. All the same, that in other seasons.

In addition to the main attractions described above, the city has a huge number of other mosques, towers, ancient monuments of architecture, ancient streets, bazaars and Turkish baths. Try not to get past all this.