What to give to the original wedding?

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the life of every person. And, of course, all invited friends and relatives are faced with the pleasant duty of coming up with a useful and memorable gift for the newlyweds.

Wedding traditions of ancient Russia

Our ancestors, it turns out, were not at all tormented by meditations on the question of what to give to the original wedding. Gifts for the wedding had a deep life meaning for all relatives. And according to a well-established tradition, everyone already knew how to originally congratulate at a wedding, so that it was for the heart and the house. The bride, then called her “Vesta” (that is, she knows about family life), prepared gifts for her future groom from an early age. The bridegroom was to bestow his beloved on the wedding with beautiful clothes and jewels. According to custom, the newlyweds were given all kinds of animals: pigs, chickens. Steep gift was considered a cow or horse. Symbolically given a towel for strong family ties.The bride's father gave the groom a whip as a symbol of family power.

What give today

Today, instead of living creatures are usually presented useful things for the house. These are kitchen sets, bedding, household and computer equipment. And so that young people have the opportunity to choose a gift for themselves, they give a certificate to the store. And, of course, so that the family can recoup the costs, invitees often give their non-original wedding gift with money. Gifts in the form of car or apartment keys look very impressive. In Western countries, for example, in America, everything is completely boring. There, the newlyweds make a list of gifts and just give it to those invited to their wedding.

What and how to give to remember

So, down with the dullness and domostroy, pragmatism and so on. What original gift for a wedding, so that it was fun, useful and with meaning? Give, for example, a calendar for the family budget. First, you will bring a clear understanding of expenses and incomes, which is very useful for a young family, and this will trigger a series of cheerful advice from friends and relatives.

If you decide to still support the young financially,then the original gift of money for the wedding will not be a banal envelope, in which all those present want to look, and the mood of many may disappear from curiosity. It will be a money tree, where each bill will hang instead of leaves. The presence of foreign bills will also decorate the tree: euro, dollars and some “tugriks”. They will also accept your gift in the form of a photo album, where instead of photos you will see banknotes. Pleasant little things will surprise you, for example, a piggy piggy bank, which you immediately suggest to skip in a circle, and all those present with a pleasant rustle for the ear will put their bills there. For some, the three-liter jar with money will seem original with the lid rolled up.

A great gift will be a movie or slides with comments about the newlyweds. About their childhood, adolescence. Also, parents of young tenderly tears upon seeing the love story of their children.

On the verge of extreme

If you know the newlyweds well, their dreams and hobbies, then you can also think up an interesting gift for them. Perhaps, instead of banal trips to Egypt, they would love to spend their honeymoon in a Buddhist monastery,on a trip to the picturesque places of Altai or would have ridden outside the Moscow Ring Road on a T-72 battle tank, courtesy of the Kantemirov division located near Moscow.

Fun will also look like a gift in the form of personal greetings from your favorite artist or writer. Folk gifts will also be appropriate. Give the groom a real horse yoke and try on it. Give the bride a rolling pin at this moment. The collar categorically hints at her husband's attachment to family life, and the female rolling pin now is not just an attribute of the flour industry at home, but also a means of self-defense from her husband. Yes, times are changing, matriarchy is in the yard. You can “finish off” everyone with an inscription on a rolling pin: “Meeting a dear from work only with affection and care.” In general, express all your creative nature and love for your newlyweds as a wonderful gift. And then the spouses from this celebration will be spouses and guests will remember all my life.