What to give to grandparents?

February 2, 2015
What to give to grandparents?

Birthdays of beloved grandparents are always a reason to gather the whole family at the holiday table. In addition, older people deserve special gifts for other holidays.

Below we consider the options for gifts for grandparents.

What can you give a grandmother

  • Of course, grandmothers value intangible gifts the most. An old woman will appreciate a poem or letter written for her if you live in more than one city.
  • An interesting gift will be a wall calendar with a family photo. You can order products at a printing company or do it yourself, if you put photos printed in the size of the images onto the pictures.
  • Order a favorite song for granny and send a greeting on the radio, which she usually listens to.
  • You can buy a photo album and collect all the old family photos in chronological order and make corresponding inscriptions to them.
  • Like any woman, grandma will be pleased to receive a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful houseplant.

What can you give to grandpa

  • If grandfather likes to read, but his eyes are too weak for this, then a compact player will be an excellent gift. Download grandpa his favorite pieces in audio format.
  • If the grandfather is not averse to sit in the bath, then you can give a broom, essential oils, a soft towel or a hand massager.
  • If the grandfather has no hobby, then give him the idea yourself. For example, donate a model airplane or a ship.
  • Give a birthday boy puzzle. To collect it was more interesting, let the picture be a family photo - order a gift in a print studio.
  • A bicycle for leisurely street walks or a simple home treadmill will be a useful gift.

From children the best gift for grandparents will be drawings and crafts with their own hands.