What to give to February 23, beloved man, husband, boyfriend, boss and colleagues. Gift ideas for boys in school and kindergarten on February 23

23FPM-011About what to give for February 23, boys in the classroom, groupmates, boyfriend, beloved man, husband, colleagues and boss, you need to think in advance. Do not leave the purchase of a gift for the last moment. It may happen that it will not be possible to buy a suitable thing, and there simply is not enough time to make an original gift with your own hands. But if you start preparing for the holiday at least a couple of weeks, you will be able to find pleasant, useful and inexpensive gifts for your men. And our article will tell you what kind of gift, for sure, a child will be delighted, and what a surprise will delight a young guy and an adult man.Following our advice, you will easily pick a good gift and give your family, friends and colleagues a lot of joy and pleasure.

What can you give to a child in kindergarten on February 23

Pondering what can be given to a kindergarten child on February 23, parents often have difficulty. Moms and dads want to present a practical gift that the baby will use all the time. Children, in turn, are eager to get not a warm winter hat, a set of socks or a T-shirt, but something special, not too connected with everyday life. If there is no financial opportunity to make presents of a purely entertaining plan, you can go for a little trick and, so to speak, combine business with pleasure, for example, give the same set of socks, but not ordinary ones, but with the image of popular cartoon or fairy-tale characters. In this case both parties will be satisfied, and no one will be offended by each other.


When the practicality of the gift does not matter in principle and you just want to deliver the maximum pleasure to your beloved child, you can consider more original versions of holiday gifts for February 23.

  • A visit to a children's entertainment center is a very good gift, which will bring a sea of ​​bright, unforgettable emotions to both kids and adults. The child will be happy to ride all sorts of attractions, take part in interesting competitions with a good prize fund and, together with mom and dad, feast on cotton candy, donuts, popcorn and other delicacies. Such a wonderful gift as a merry journey to the country of childhood will strengthen relations in the family and make February 23 one of the most unforgettable days of the year.
  • Themed military toys are well suited for a gift on February 23. To make the right choice, you need to find out from your child in advance with the help of leading questions what exactly he wants to receive as a gift on February 23 - a machine with a rocket launcher, an army helicopter, a set of soldiers or some other option. When the type of gift is defined, it is worth going to the toy store and buying a suitable toy. Do not stop at very cheap products of poor quality. In the process of use, they too quickly become unusable or simply break. But the branded thing will easily withstand not even a particularly careful attitude and will long be a pleasure.
  • Bike - the dream of every boy.Such a presentation on February 23 will be delighted even by the most spoiled and fastidious guys. Kids 3-4 years can buy a tricycle painted in shades of "military", and boys 5-6 years old - to bring a two-wheeled bicycle. Children's delight will have no limits and the celebration on February 23 will be a success.

What to give for February 23 boys-classmates at school


On the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland for all the girls in school comes hot time. We need to think over the program of celebrations and decide what to give to the boys-classmates on February 23. For children from primary school, small pleasant souvenirs, cards and sweets will do. It is better if all the boys get the same gifts. Then no one will be offended and will not consider themselves deprived.

Pupils of 10-14 years old are more difficult to please. Boys at this age are already showing individuality and want their opinions to be listened to. Of course, it is better to prepare gifts for children, taking into account personal interests and preferences, but this is not always the case. Most often you have to choose something that is not too expensive and optimal for both the approximate boys and hooligans who do not spend much time studying.It is appropriate to present the computer mouse pads with pictures from your favorite games or movies. In this embodiment, it turns out to take into account the personal interests of classmates, and meet a reasonable amount of money. No less successful option will be tickets for a collective trip to the cinema for some popular modern film. This will further rally the class and give a lot of pleasure not only to the perpetrators of the celebration, but also to the girls. If there is a skating rink in the city, you can celebrate on February 23 with the whole class there. The boys will divide into teams and play hockey, and the girls will cheerfully gamble for their buddies. Bright emotions after such a holiday will be remembered for a very long time, and many children will say that they have never conducted a better and more incendiary feast on February 23rd.

The selection of presents for high school students and graduates will have to be approached with special attention. Guys 15-16 years should not present very simple, unassuming gifts. It is better to show imagination and find even if not expensive, but a creative version of a festive surprise. A good solution in this case will be personalized cups, decorated with a portrait of guys and a few lines of a cool poem.Despite the fact that this gift is not included in the category of too original, it is always accepted with joy and gratitude.

Not less joy guys-classmates deliver silicone headphones to listen to music on modern gadgets. This item is sold in many stores and, as a rule, does not cost a lot of money, but it always comes to the point, as it often breaks or simply fails.

Inexpensive gift to the guy for February 23: interesting ideas


Shaving foam and machine - this is the cheapest gift for a guy on February 23. However, judging by the reaction of young guys, they want such a set for the holiday the least. Therefore, the girls will have to show maximum imagination and come up with something unusual, bright, but at the same time, not beating on a pocket. First of all, it makes sense to pay close attention to the interests of your loved one. They clearly tell you what the guy will be really happy.

  • Guy fan of computer entertainment will like a gift in the form of a premium account for your favorite game. In addition, many top online projects on the eve of February 23 hold various promotions and announce discounts on gaming equipment, artifacts and other gaming “buns”.Giving the guy a super sword of level 80 or a premium tank, the girl will demonstrate her sincere attention and respect for her favorite little hobby.
  • For a guy who leads a healthy lifestyle and attends a gym, a gift for February 23 will be a pleasant surprise in the form of some accessory from a famous sports brand, for example, a water bottle, a cap, etc.
  • The universal gifts for the guys include beautiful stationery sets, stylish diaries, key chains with the logo of the car that your favorite rides, business card holders, phone cases, wallets and business folders. Any young guy will be delighted with such accessories, regardless of his profession and sphere of personal interests.

A gift to her beloved husband from his wife on February 23

Even if the beloved husband has no relation to the military and is engaged in absolutely peaceful work, he must be congratulated on February 23 and present a good gift. Do not get rid of unpretentious, cheap things. It is better to choose an object that not only pleases, but will also be useful in life, work or life.

  • Car accessories - a wonderful gift for February 23 beloved husband.Some specific elements are not worth buying, but seat covers, sheathing on the steering wheel, vacuum cleaner or repair kit can be presented.
  • Gadgets - expensive, but very solid gift for the man. A smartphone, tablet, video recorder and other things from this series will bring the spouse into complete delight and make you seriously think about how to bestow your wife for March 8. And who knows, all of a sudden it will be cherished diamond earrings or a mink coat!
  • For creative, courageous and modern women, there is one more variant of a very effective and extraordinary gift - an erotic calendar in which the spouse will appear in 12 unusual, seductive images. This service is offered by many progressive photo studios, and it enjoys increasing success. Ladies are selected genre costumes, make spectacular makeup and hair, and then hold a photo session. Then the most successful pictures are printed on laser printers and arranged in the form of a calendar for a year. Such a gift usually makes an indelible impression on the spouse and makes a romantic spark and a fresh stream into family life.

What to present to colleagues on February 23: inexpensive, practical gifts


The question of what to donate to colleagues at work on February 23, the ladies begin to discuss in advance. Usually, preference is given to inexpensive but practical presentations, for example, stationery with a company logo or an image of military paraphernalia. Of course, these gifts can not be called too original and creative, but nevertheless, they are a success and are considered appropriate for such a case. After all, not every colleague who works nearby becomes a close friend, and spending large amounts of money on congratulating just acquaintances does not make sense.

If you still want to show some originality and get away from the traditional script, you should buy summer t-shirts for your colleagues, and order a colorful print on them in a photo studio. You can portray anything, ranging from cool cartoons to military-military themes and ending with individual photographs of male colleagues or a general panoramic picture of the entire team. Such a gift option will not require large cash outlays, but it will turn out to be unusual, stylish and will be remembered by all colleagues for a long time.


For the head of a department or enterprise it is better to prepare something solid and weighty.An elegant writing set, business leather folder, photo frame or wall clock will be appropriate. The main thing is that things do not look cheap and unpresentable, otherwise the gift will have the opposite effect.


A gift for February 23 favorite beloved father

On the eve of the holiday, even the youngest children think what to give to their beloved father on February 23. Since there is no personal money to buy a present, only one thing remains - to make a gift with your own hands. We offer several options for handicrafts that can be easily made at home from simple scrap materials. To make the product beautiful, it is desirable to connect the process to the mother, grandmother or older sister. This will make the task easier for the child and the gift will look neat and attractive.

  • Original mini-panel- an interesting and spectacular gift to the Pope on February 23. You can make it quickly enough. For this you need cardboard, matches, a holiday card and white glue. On a sheet of cardboard from matches planted on glue, lay out 9 squares and leave the blank for 15-20 minutes so that it dries qualitatively and the matches stick well to the base.Then, flowers and words of greeting are cut out from the holiday card with scissors, smeared with glue on the back and glued to a layer of matches. At the end of the work, on the back side of the panel attach a loop of fishing line or strong rope so that the product can be hung on the wall.23FPM-001
  • Airplane model- very simple, but at the same time an original gift for February 23. Every man will be pleased to receive such a thing from their child. It requires a wooden clothespin, two flat, long wooden sticks with coiled edges, one short wooden die, a small can of blue oil paint and the Moment all-purpose adhesive. First, all the details are carefully stained and left in a dry, warm room, so that they are completely dry. Then they proceed to the assembly of the structure: two long flat pieces of wood are attached to the narrow sides of the clothespins with glue, and the short is glued to the back, thus marking the tail. The finished model of the aircraft is put on a small pedestal, and then at the right time is handed to the hero of the occasion. Dad can put such a product at home in his room or carry him to work and arrange him on the table so that his colleagues and the boss can see what a great gift his child made on February 2323FPM-002
  • Card- universal version of the present dad on February 23. For manufacturing, we need a sheet of cardboard of average density, a set of colored paper, stationery glue, a simple pencil and scissors. At the beginning a sheet of white cardboard is cut along the edge with teeth. Over this base, a rectangle of blue colored paper is glued, smaller in size than the cardboard. Stars are drawn on yellow paper, and then cut out with scissors; one five-pointed starlet is cut out of red paper. A white figure of an airplane is cut out of paper, it is clearly folded in half, one part is coated with glue and attached in the center of a blue background. A red asterisk is glued to the wing of the curving part of the plane, and the yellow stars are placed higher. When the glue dries well, the gift is presented to the addressee.23FPM-003

Planning, to whom and what to present on February 23, remember the main thing - gifts should be done sincerely and with pleasure. Even a small inexpensive souvenir, presented to her husband, boyfriend, classmate, classmate or just a familiar boy, will bring a lot of pleasant impressions and joyful emotions. After all, in the first place, people appreciate care, sensitivity and good attitude, and only then pay attention to the value of the donated item.