What to eat during menstruation?

Daniil Nechaev
Daniil Nechaev
December 4, 2012
What to eat during menstruation?

Pain in the lower abdomen, cramps, weakness, lethargy, digestive problems are among the most tangible troubles during critical days. Surely, women have a question about what they have during their periods, so that there are no problems with digestion, so that an unbearable heaviness in the stomach does not arise. Read this article, and we will tell you in detail what you can eat during your period, but which is better to refuse.

Healthy food

  • Beans The more fiber on your desk, the better. Many fibers are in the beans. It will help reduce cramps and improve digestion. In general, all legumes are useful, not just beans. Bean plants contain vitamin B, which reduces cramps, relieves fatigue. This is exactly what women need during the critical days period.
  • Green vegetables. From the pain that suddenly occurs in the lower abdomen, green vegetables will help. They contain a lot of magnesium, potassium and calcium. The composition of green vegetables helps get rid of spasms. Also, green vegetables contain vitamin K.This vitamin improves blood coagulation, and also reduces heavy bleeding.
  • Whole grains. Surprisingly, the use of whole grains at least once every half hour effectively prevents the onset of PMS in 65% of women. Also, whole grains contain magnesium, it helps reduce neuromuscular tension.
  • Yogurt. In order to reduce the unpleasant symptoms for the body, you can eat yogurt, because this dairy product contains calcium. During menstruation, it is advisable to use this product twice as much as on ordinary days. The daily rate is usually 600 mg., Therefore, you need to eat yogurt is not less than 1200 mg. in a day.
  • Water. At first glance, this may seem illogical, but during menstruation in the body of a woman there is fluid retention in the body due to its lack. Fluid retention just provokes discomfort. Drink more water to get rid of them.

What not to eat

Also during critical days it is worth refusing the use of some products.

  • Alcohol. It leads to the fact that the body fluid is retained in larger quantities than usual.
  • Another harmful substance is caffeine.Caffeine usually affects our mood, and it changes during the menstruation a hundred times a day, so it's best to remove this product for a short time back to the kitchen cabinet.

I hope that we answered the question of how to survive the difficult period of menstruation as calmly and easily as possible. All the best to you!