What to cook for dinner - quick recipes with photos

What to cook for dinner - quick recipes with photos

What to cook for dinner - quick recipes with photos

Contrary to popular wisdom, which says that dinner should be given to the enemy, for most people who came in the evening after a hard day at work, this phrase is rather inapplicable: after hard work, you want not only to relax before the next day, but also how to recharge your batteries by eating something satisfying and tasty.


However, where to find time to quickly cook this or that dish? In this article you will find recipes for quick dishes that can be easily prepared for dinner.


Potato, onion and cheese casserole


The casserole is recommended to serve as a side dish or main course. It looks like a cake, it tastes like potato casserole. Preparing a maximum of 1 hour.


Ingredients for 8 servings:eggs - 5 pcs., potatoes - 5 pcs., 1.5-2 cups grated hard cheese, 50-70 ml of cream, half an onion (onions), an incomplete teaspoon of salt, 100 grams of melted butter, half a cup of sour cream, half a teaspoon of soda, green onions - as an ornament.


How to quickly prepare a dish for dinner:


1.Peel the potatoes, rinse and boil, then, after boiling, drain the water, crush the potatoes and set aside.
2. In a cup, add raw eggs, whip them thoroughly, then mix them with cream and salt, stir well. Pour this mixture of potatoes and mix again to get a homogeneous mass.
3. Add grated cheese, onions, some baking soda and mix the ingredients again.
4. Grease a baking sheet with olive or sunflower oil, place on the baking sheet a mixture of potatoes and other products, gently even over the entire surface of the sheet.
5. Set the temperature in the oven to 230 degrees and bake for 30-40 minutes until the top of the casserole turns brown.
6. When everything is ready, let the baking sheet cool down a little, literally 5-7 minutes. When cooling the dish will settle a little, this is normal.
7. Melt the butter in a small saucepan. Cut the dish into several pieces and serve to the table along with greens, onions and melted butter.


What to cook for dinner - quick recipes with photos


Squids in cream sauce


Another interesting recipe for fast food that you will surely enjoy at dinner.To make squid in sour cream sauce, you will need products: 150-200 grams of sour cream (the best option: homemade “village”), 3-4 squid carcasses, water, 2 tablespoons of butter, a tablespoon of flour, salt and pepper.


How to do:


1. First of all, defrost squid, clean them and boil for boiling for 3-4 minutes, no more. Water slightly salt before cooking. Squids should be white, while the skin can curl. Remove the squid from the boiling water and wait for it to cool. Remove the skin with a knife, and cut the meat itself into thin slices.
2. Heat a frying pan, add butter to it, melt it, and then place squid. Cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring the meat constantly. Once all the moisture is gone, sprinkle the squid with flour and mix.
3. After 15-20 seconds, add sour cream and boiling water. Squids should be hidden under boiling water. Then close the pan, reduce the heat and extinguish for exactly a minute.
4. The last stage: salt and pepper, mix again and fry for 1 minute. Serve squid together with mashed potatoes or as a separate independent snack.


What to cook for dinner - quick recipes with photos


From quick dessert dishes you can make a cupcake for dinner in the microwave. Its recipe is very simple: mix raw eggs, sugar, milk, butter or sunflower oil, cocoa, flour and baking powder. Bring the mixture to a homogeneous state and put in a microwave for 5-7 minutes depending on the power of the device. A delicious cupcake will be ready very soon. Bon Appetit!