What should he write?

In the modern world there is almost no time for romance. It would seem that the difficult thing is to take and write a few pleasant words to the guy who you like ?! However, it is not so simple. If you decide to write a letter or message, then follow some rules that will help you to make it correctly. So what should he write?

We write him a letter: rules and advice

Before you start writing the text, decorate a piece of paper with a frame or a drop of your perfume. Give a man to understand that he wrote a subtle and romantic nature. Of course, the most important thing in the letter is the lines themselves.

If you are writing to a person with whom you are familiar, write your feelings and thoughts in a letter. Paper can endure everything. Do not try to embellish the picture, because the guy can believe in one thing, but when meeting you will have to make excuses why everything is completely different. Relationships should not begin with deception.

If you write to a young man with whom you have been in love for a long time, then describe your feelings. Do not be too dry to express your emotions towards him.Be sincere, be yourself! If at a meeting we are embarrassed to confess our feelings, then it is much easier to do this in a letter. Start the first lines by introducing yourself. Tell us who you are, describe yourself. You should intrigue him, but not push him. In such situations, the game is very important.

A letter can always be secretly tossed in a jacket pocket or on a desktop. Another option is to send by mail.

How to write what I want him

If you wanted to have intimate intimacy, but you are too shy to tell the guy about this, then write him a message or a letter. Do not begin the story with phrases about love or longing. Here your task is to interest the guy. Subtle hint to him that it is evening on the street, you are alone at home. All hints should be subtle and unobtrusive. A man does not like when a woman presses and is too straightforward. Here the trick is important. Write gentle words, tell him that you want to touch his tender lips. Hints you can push the guy to action. Remember that men are waiting for a signal from the woman to attack. They are equally afraid that their attention will be incorrectly appreciated.

What to write to him in SMS

Banal messages that you often write to each other, do not cause any emotions. It is necessary to diversify the correspondence. Unusual SMS in the morning or at night can deliver great joy to a person.

Deep down, all the guys love tenderness and affection. Start your message with a non-standard address to it. Remember how you most often call it. Depending on what continuation you want from communication, you need to choose the right words for messages.

When a man feels your concern for him, he himself will want to please you with pleasant emails. He will send you funny smiles, virtual flowers. So he will show you that you have remained a mystery to him, but you turned out to be a determined girl. Of course, modesty adorns a woman, but the stronger sex is always committed to those who are ready for the first steps. Times are changing, you should not worry about what the boy likes, and it’s impossible to say this during a personal meeting. There are Internet, telephone, paper and pens. All thoughts and feelings can be stated in this way. So you surprise the guy and give him a chance to see you from all sides, because sometimes the correspondence helps people get to know each other much better.