What should be sperm?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
April 15, 2013

Any man must cherish their health. And this does not mean only the maintenance of their appearance according to generally accepted standards. A man should take care of the health of the cardiovascular system, urinary and other systems. Today we will talk on a frank, but very important topic. We will touch on what should be sperm.

Sperm formation process

The sperm of any healthy man takes about seventy-two hours, and even when she leaves her usual habitat, she can fertilize a woman for two more days. Healthy sperm cells are very tenacious and move very fast during ejaculation, about ten to twenty meters per second. But scientists have proven that the amount of sperm discarded is not as important as quality for conceiving a child.

The appearance of sperm

What color should sperm be? For many males, it is important to know what sperm should be. To believe frank films is not worth it, because there they are often falsified for a more colorful video.In fact, it all depends on what a man is, what his lifestyle is, and whether sex is regular. Healthy sperm should be viscous consistency, it should be diluted after about thirty to sixty minutes, viscosity - up to two centimeters. What color should be sperm? Color should be white and grayish. The smell of semen is the smell of spermine. Slime sperm should not contain at all. This means that after intercourse, the sperm thickens a little, and then liquefies, becoming transparent. The taste of sperm is also present. It should be sweet, as the semen contains fructose.

Deviations from the norm

If the shade of sperm is changed, then perhaps your partner has gonorrhea. Also, if the sperm began to exude an unpleasant smell, or, for example, its amount has changed, or it has become very thick, then it is possible that an infection is present in the man’s body. Also, the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, hard drugs has a very negative impact on the quality of sperm. Sauna - also not useful for the quality of sperm.

We hope we have explained to you, dear readers, what a healthy sperm should be.If you have any questions or suspicions, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor to find out the causes of your problem.