What should be IQ?

Victoria Dmitrieva
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What should be IQ?

Determining IQ is important both for the person himself and for his environment. Personality is necessary for self-assessment, the employer to determine the suitability of the candidate to work. When determining IQ, you need to know what IQ should be for different categories.

A characteristic feature of IQ tests is that they reveal a person�s mental ability, and not the level of their actual knowledge. Determining the level of intelligence does not have the same standard, and there are many tests for determining IQ from different specialists. The most famous is considered to be the test Eysenk.

Tests are focused on age groups and take into account the corresponding age development. Based on this, IQ may be the same for a child and an adult.

The IQ study scale is functional from 70 units and provides a value of 180 units, as the maximum. An indicator of less than 70 is considered mental retardation.To understand what IQ is considered normal, scientists based on the assessment of the intelligence factor of the average person.

  • Thus, 25% of the population will have an indicator of less than 90. In application to ordinary life, they are workers of medium qualification, school graduates (without senior classes), unskilled workers.
  • 50% of the population has intelligence ranging from 90 to 110 units. These are high school students, skilled workers, people with incomplete higher education, office workers, managers, foremen, administrators, foremen.
  • And 25% of people with an indicator of over 110 units are people with a higher education, professional specialists, and academic figures.